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Of the time this is N. B. C. the national broadcasting company the burns and Allen show from December eleventh nineteen forty seven during that episode bandleader Meredith Willson mentioned he was born in nineteen twelve well actually he shaved a decade off as relates he was actually born in nineteen oh two in Mason city Iowa which later became the inspiration for river city innocent Broadway play the music man as a teenager Wilson moved to New York to study music that has been a few years playing flute and piccolo in a band headed up by the March king himself John Philip Sousa the music man would debut on Broadway in nineteen fifty seven and a film version came along five years later Meredith Willson's other great stage musical was the unsinkable Molly brown and he also composed the now famed holiday song it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here and Oscar nominations composed the scores for Charlie Chaplin's the great dictator and William Wyler's version of Lillian Hellman's the little foxes I rebel attacks on wind radio was removed from the comedies to the dramas ever sent Orson Welles is hairy lying in the third man we'll be right back Johnnie Taylor Johnny lieutenant Barry homicide got messages from you three inches thick Yemen trying to get hold of you all morning exactly been a social Tehran here you know what with the murder of Dr palm was wife when I come down there to headquarters and if you're gonna boil introduce you to the man who did the killing what cars he denies it completely wouldn't but what you hear is story it's a wild one moment you're way ahead of me you're saying you've got the killer there that's what I'm saying well who is a you know what no I'm nobody seems to make a little sense when you lieutenant coming down or not right now daily stars as Johnny dog the man with the action packed expense account in radio spirits fabulous freelance collection what is a murder look like go ahead put.

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