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I'm sure he wears the knit hat when it's 25° out. Yes. I would assume. Andy Reid wears adviser Josh McDaniels, there's a hat. Attack it, where's the hat? Harbaugh wears a hat. Um. Stefan skewers a hat, Tomlin wears a hat. Does it? Variable is a non hat guy, too. Okay. We talked about lovey Peterson where the hat. Siri does Siri? Huh. He's a sometimes hat guy, but I put him under the hat guy category. Yeah, I think he wears a hat. I've seen him with and without a hat. But more so often with a hat. McCarthy is not a hat guy. David is not a hat guy. That's three. Okay. Except on the 9 11 tribute game he wore an FDNY hat, which was very, it was a cool hat. I've tried to buy that. I can't find it anywhere. Oh, that's right. I think FDNY could cash in on that a little bit. I think so too, but let's see, Pete Carroll doesn't wear a hat. T Carol doesn't wear hats. Horse too good. Big day doesn't wear a hat. 5, again. Good hair. So you're touching on a big theme here, 'cause you gotta look at the good hair guys, you know? Yep. Boy, Matt Lafleur. Does Matt Matt Ford wears a I can picture him in a visor. He's a visor guy? No hat guy. No hat guy. So that's another one. That's 6. I don't know if I've seen it. I don't know. I've seen that ebert flew on the sideline and all of this year. He's like they never show him. He is a hack. He's a hat guy. Yep. Bowls is a hat guy, Arthur Smith. That guy. Dennis Elle is a hat guy. Pfizer guy. Okay. And okay, who did I not get? I Wilkes, I've only really watched one panther game. Steve Wilkes is not a hat guy. He miss Steve Wilkes, you miss cliff Kingsbury, who is obviously not a hat guy. He was a visor guy. No. Oh. Okay. I'm going to review that after the show. Hold on. No. Oh, you're right. Okay, all right, you're right. He's a glass. The sunglasses were his thing. Yes, right. I was going to say, you're going to put a lid on that thing. I mean, that's a good head of hair. And you missed Mike mcdaniel. Oh wow, yeah. Okay. Mike mcdaniel is a non hat guy. And I think that was it. It was Carol dabel Wilkes Kingsbury Lafleur, mcvay, mcdaniel, sometimes lobby, verbal, sala. Oh, you missed the king of no hat, guys. Bill Belichick. But Belichick wears a visor sometimes. Sometimes. But more often than not is a no hat. Is a no hat guy, okay. I was gonna say Belichick. I just figured it was two 50 50 at that point. If I'm, I don't know, if I'm Saturday's Asian. I think he's a CAA guy, you gotta get the cells in blue people in here. Paint up some money. He's got to get a rival like head and shoulders. They own the airwaves. You can get Jeff Saturday in there. Just a gorgeous locks. That's all I gotta say. They are gorgeous. As I said, good-looking dude.

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