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In prince George's county near Saint Barnabas road all of your travel lanes have been reopened and that on ramp from St Barnabas to the inner loop is open as well now there's still some of the trucks left over from the earlier crash some of the response over on the right shoulder but all the travel lanes are open the delay right now is after branch Avenue trying to head past the scene westbound I. seventy is still a trouble spot with a major back up trying to get on the seventeen in Meyersville this remains the diversion point headed around on to route forty towards sixty six the actual accident on I. seventy happened westbound before sixty six in Boonsboro so that's the reason for the closure and that diversion point back at seventeen the first point to get on the I. seventy is going to be sixty six to continue your way into Hagerstown eastbound I. seventy looks to be unaffected at the moment also in Maryland on eastbound fifty on the bay bridge the left lane of two is blocked with the work the westbound span runs two way traffic here nice mac Middleton bridge traffic alternates across the bridge for the work in Virginia on sixty six eastbound delays headed toward the beltway usually the work near the beltway is in the right lane then inside the beltway after Washington Boulevard you hit the brakes headed toward glebe road a single left lane gets by the work no it's not ninety five sing a bit of only met of Newington often on into spring field there may still be some work there south bound three ninety five near Duke street it's usually the right side blocked with the work we have the delays in the district on DEC two in nineteen ninety five actually north bend your MalcolmX Avenue headed all the way past the Suitland parkway watch for any work there then the delays on north on DEC two ninety five from Pennsylvania Avenue toward Benning road southbound also slows toward Benning road so watch for work in each direction also in the district around sixteen then I so I street near sixteenth in the area of Lafayette square that's where you're going to find our Lafayette park actually you're going to find all the activity there for the demonstration activity possibly affecting H. street as well fifteenth and sixteenth street just watch for the police re direction with all state aid you get a local expert help finding the best coverage for you because when you bundle home and auto you can save so call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands I'm reading Kessler WTOP traffic R. W. D. O. V. four day forecast now with storm team four is Warren rickets we've got some sunshine and some clouds today but we've got the heat low to mid nineties for daytime highs today in the humidity.

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