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Well, which is quite interesting as I wonder I, guess I wonder why he didn't. onto become more of a a popular villain. As compared to Bullseye I guess Bullseye Aesthetically Kula. Character is docker and it seems to be a lot more. But Yeah just interested me that he had the same policy as as as bullseyes. Anyway yet. I'm hoping you you enjoyed it if you didn't entirely than you probably be in the same boat that I was in but like I said in the second half, it kind of really really having said that but balancing that off with at the outward out give it. Up Give it a maybe. Bay minus. A think hovering between the bay to obey minus It. was, it was rateable I'm not sure if I'll go back into it again although having said that like the characters actually WanNa learn more about spray demon In Our daily nine of of the Flash Wiza-. An quick. At An. Unlikely Remember Speed Demon thicknesses the first time I've actually seen him in a comic. The Mobile Universe handbook because the Venus Anyway, I'm excited to hear what you. Have to say this. End yeah, CAPE ON SPINNING THOSE WEBS. Cape on out. Being. Shock. That's our boy. That go work rate was looking for was disingenuous. Yes south you. Yes. Yes. but I mean, look. Longer and longer feedbacks for spider cast boy I. Wonder why? I wonder if someone. Know. Long. Limit Flux alone. Because he wants low listen all these feedbacks and say look at his. Big. WHOA. WHOA PRETTY DAMN big. Look Listen said, twenty twenty has been a dumpster fire. We need something laugh about shocker is like you know just trashed here some cannon fodder, but he also has a lot of good dynamics. I feel. That he's like Oh. Yeah. The shocker story, but they're still a good mannix conical. Sorry Brandon's you know. Yes. Oh please same way better than shocker come on. To. Development I just think nobody's really that interested in. Making a shocker story that are solo soccer story I should say. You can't invite her. He's the he's the butt of the joke in you know you know what you when you say that as a shocker story not going to get. True. True. True I guess. I'll be Green Goblin. Brow. Lord will get there till. Oh. Yeah. That? No. Leads into our issues so that we can talk about the weekly spider buses. Well, what do you WanNa? Do I WANNA do the new gloser? What's are shock? Let's let's get to our boy. Amazing. Roy. Visual Soundtrack to shock. Tober. Are. So yes. Amazing. Spider man three, sixty, four from July nineteen ninety-two pretty modern pretty modern not known far and wide as that one before the Hologram cover. The pain of fast ear bullying they they didn't lie. down. From the deadly Spiderman seats right on the cover the shock. Imagine being this close to oil wait. Wait wait. What was the shocker? Do deadly pose a spider getting coffee or something. So yeah, we see Chalker. Trying to break into this building even even says there's an even an editor's note you know saw deadly foes of Spider, man. On the very first page. Does that Deadpool Book I WANNA rethink. Only. Get to. Grow can get So. Yeah. It seems like he's blasting security drones. In Corsi, blasts went out the window gets swinging by. In House. So shockers thinking guards are GonNa be here. Soon, he's looking for access codes. Many picks up. Oh, this floppy disk. I believe those are still nineteen, ninety two. Just what I wanted. And then who's on the wall Nice. Be wanted and you should know Herman. Your wanted in forty seven states. Disrespect. Guys name harming probably don't Wanna be called by their full name. They probably have a cool nickname you know. The shocker man gotTa Call Me. Herman like that. All right. He probably puts the probably puts it on every time calls them Herman Two's probably like what you do in. Roman. himself he is sarcastic snarky little twigs from. Her May WHY WORSE SHOCK In blast spiderman. What's a shockwave handshake? Is something rather avoid. Thank you well. You in my Own Wading. Predictable. So. Yes. Oh. After rubs up shockers hand before he can get the freeze Chimneys S. Only. It's so masculine. Because the security guard becomes running in and Chalker last month window and says, thought me or catch him soccer. Winning Harley Quinn ultimatum hail. Spit J.. So yes. Spiderman catches the Gore and of course, shockers gone. And then I guess the boss comes in Trevor Kuenz. Shocker was looking for your diet. Secrets. The shocker took something for your from your computer, our clients lists. shocker. No respect like unfortunately it means like sarcastic meanwhile when they cut to white pro, even the writers. I. Know It's like a security. Because it's like a security firm, but you know he's like, oh Took our client lists inspired to Kinda take a copy in the guys like well, I guess our clients can alter their codes immediately. So shocker already got a already has bad codes. Six pages shockers already. Yes. So King of the southeast grabs cameron swings off. Thinking, which wish lable for shocker so he's swing south. Then north we see high. Fortunate League. Putting it in an alley, a dumpster in the shocker. William I de Tracy's cousin. Base thinking I'm safe but worth the next guy since spider man what if it's score scored..

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