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Back to the show. Systems. where the gals thanks nuts. Now, a Lotta people who listen to space nuts have their favorite podcast distributor whether that's apple podcasts or gosh is just squeeze them Lot of people have been logging onto youtube to listen to us which is great and that that's fantastic. We need to get to a target of four thousand downloads per episode I. Think it is and we getting getting closer to it. I think we're over three thousand per episode now that listen via Youtube. Sorry. Thank you for doing that and if you'd like to, it's pretty easy to find us on Youtube. Just in the youtube search engine spice that's podcast is only Eddie putting the annual. Subscribe, but whatever way you like to listen, we appreciate it and thank you and Cape on listening and don't forget to tell your friends, share it via favorite social media platform as well. and Yeah. If you know anybody who is keen on astronomy and learning as much as I can about what's going on out they make sure you tell them about the spice nuts podcast we certainly appreciate. that. Now Fred This next story is going to come as something of a disappointment I. Suppose to many people but there's been a cross section survey of ten million is. and. There is not drop of water on Iraq, which is a metaphor for no signs of island technology. Exactly. At least not in the seventeen hours of measurement that will. By this experiment that was done by people, I know actually over in Western Australia. So the story is comes from telescope called the Murchison Whitefield Array Ray, which is at the Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory. In Western Australia one of the most radio quiet regions in the world. And that's also going to be the site of the square kilometer array low frequency antennas, which will be one half of the square kilometer array the other half being in South Africa. So the Murchison wide field array is run by. Basically..

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