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Eyes. Monica Crowley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, Monica, turning our attention to foreign policy, Vladimir Putin has been delivering a speech that should be wrapped up by about now. Where he laid out this argument that actually Ukraine was created by the Soviet Union. And it's this, if I'm reading this wrong, I think Putin wants all of that territory back. Well, of course you guys, and you got to understand Vladimir Putin and you've got to understand Soviet and Russian history. So Putin a couple of things defined Vladimir Putin is he and his family survival of World War II, which essentially killed about 25 million Russians. So the Russians really took it on the chin in World War II. So he and his family survived that, but that was a searing moment for him. The other thing is that he's a KGB operative. That's how he came up during the Cold War. He is on the same Todd that the greatest political geopolitical catastrophe of the century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now World War II that killed 25 million Russians, the collapse of the Soviet Union. That's what he really believes. And he knows very well Vladimir Lenin's famous comment about Ukraine. He said if we lose Ukraine, we will lose our heads because Ukraine is the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, meaning agricultural wealth, a lot of green, a lot of fertile ground and a lot of resources. So Putin obviously knows all of this. He would love to have that territory back not to recreate the Soviet Union, but to recreate mother Russia. That's what he wants if he can't do it via a physical invasion, which is still possible. He'd like to do it by installing a puppet in Kyiv. Someone who can easily control and therefore, by default, he will have that territory. And the question now in front of the American people, what do we do about it? And how involved should we be in all of this? Well, you know, it is a problem for the Europeans. That being said, the Europeans are completely craven and cowardy cowardly. So they're not acting at all. There are some things that we can do in terms of sanctions. Now, president Trump, for all of the criticism he got with all the fake smears and lies about him that he was a Russian asset, Trump and his administration leveled extraordinary sanctions against Putin and the Russian regime. So there's not a lot of firepower left because we used a lot of it in the previous administration. But you could slap sanctions on today on the Nord stream two pipeline and cripple his ability to extort Europe with the energy resources. You could do that today, the Biden administration won't do that. You could sanction the swift, which is the international banking system you could level sanctions there as well by the administration not doing that. They're saying, well, we're holding that in unless an until he goes in. Well, the whole point of sanctions is to try to modify behavior and deter someone from the acting in a negative way. So you do the sanctions now. You don't everything with this administration is backwards, like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, right? Taking the military out first. So our civilians are sitting there going, so I guess my country is abandoned me. It is all backwards. They put the cart before the horse constantly. And so you got to ask yourself, this has got to be intentional. And Monica, going back to the sanctions, that's something senator Ted Cruz tried to do in January, and he was shot down by the Democrats. So there was an effort and I just don't get it. I just don't get it. Everything like you said is bass awards, as a indeed. All right, Monica always great stuff. And by the way, they need to give you a co host slot on Fox News. I mean, you do a great job there with bartiromo. Oh, thank you so much, I was on this morning. Maria was out, but I was on with my friend digging McDowell and the two of us really carried three hours. She did a phenomenal job hosting and I was so happy to be there. We talked about all the things you and I just talked about right now. Well, thank you. And dagen's got a better go ahead. I was just going to say I'm going to be a cpac speaking on the main stage on Saturday morning. So if you all are headed to cpac, I will be there and please come say hi. We will do that as a matter of fact, Monica, I'm bringing the whole team, so we're doing the showdown there. I'll be speaking Saturday afternoon. They're on the main stage. So you'll have to set them up for us. I'm glad I'm coming after, you know, that's a tough time slot any time coming after Monica Crowley. Well, you're very kind. Thank you, but I look forward to seeing you there. It's going to be fun. All right, Monica Crowley, ladies and gentlemen, you can see her and grace baker and Kyle the whole team down at cpac in just a couple of days. By the way, dagen McDowell had the best southern action of think of every of anybody on Fox News. And I thought it was an Alabama accent, but she's actually from Brooke Neal, Virginia. So you folks in Virginia, you've got the exit going on. All.

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