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Who's been helping to do a little bit advising for my company and for me and he you know just just really smart guy i mean let's is but his face all the couple of company to wonder group on and one to go daddy i mean like that's right rice the six right like that's what he that's that's who hits guys anyway he night you know we've met a couple times he'd be email often and i just find a cook is email because he has at the bottom of his signature lined just has his name with his twitter handle he's and the says in a topics the extra mile is a vast i'm populated away slant and that if the colts that he has the panthers you know like penn it's getting jeff i don't know jeff payton is left dustup princes jeff chains quote that he just hasn't hit since a who jeff payton's jeff shane is is a go tretter speaker lincoln inference are in contributing editor to end so this gotten but that's not the gentleman who's been cup final wanna give this guy's name actually going to be weird but the guy that i'm talking about my my own eyes eric wright is quoting this guy peyton but i just feel like i remember when i first got an email from his in the haven't who's the person referring to hit when i first got this enough from kevin i like to the signature i thought before even met him a snap chi interesting it turns out that is how this guy who's had extraordinary success clearly at times that is why the extra mile as a vast i'm populated away slip and and it is that which route and you know i tell people all of blockers on a time that they want to you know make a full time n con weren't make some kind and kang from their bottom what had the return into the business it's not going to be easy and it's going to take the extra our at night when other people are sleeping work rain you have to makeup earlier than everybody out if you want it bad enough like that any of that extra mile.

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