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Surveillance so for example your intelligence agency and you want to know when a different country that you're hostile to is meeting with someone in the in the White House you could tell when that specific person based on their cell phone enter the White House Jeff joins us tonight now the Israelis have denied the spying but this is not an uncommon occurrence in Washington is a Jeff nor it's not spying goes on every day in this down it is worth noting that the Israelis is spied on the U. S. in the past that the Israelis could be behind this latest incident well that did not come as a surprise to some of the intelligence veterans that we spoke to in fact one person told us that it would be a surprise if they got caught because the source said they're just too good for that also nor a late today the president said he did not think that they would do it Laura all right Jeffrey gaze thank you for that reporting there's breaking news in that dive boat disaster of southern California the burned wreckage was lifted from the ocean today as federal investigators released a report claiming the entire crew was asleep when the fire broke out killing thirty four people Jonathan vaguely ID has more on this and the Coast Guard's new guidelines for all boat owners and captains. today conceptions charred remains were raised from the ocean floor and will now be taken to a hangar where investigators will carefully examine what's left of the seventy five foot scuba diving vessel this as a newly released preliminary report by the NTSB raises concerns about conceptions cruel according to the report all six crew members were asleep when the flames ignited the boat was required by the Coast Guard to have one crew member service overwhelming night watchman it's unclear what started the fire but among the possible causes the NTSB is considering is whether lithium ion batteries used to power phones and cameras over heated in response to last week's tragedy the Coast Guard re issued its emergency open water safety guidelines which included limiting the unsupervised charging of lithium ion batteries and the use of power strips. and the sheriff's department announcing today all thirty four victims had been recovered and identified their families have been notified meanwhile this federal investigation continues north Jonathan thank you tonight more trouble for the Bahamas still reeling from hurricane Dorian new tropical storm warnings are posted tonight and they include grand Bahama and the Abaco islands if the storm forms that would be named Umberto and it's about two and a miles off the island's tonight officials in the Bahamas revise the number of people missing from during today to thirteen hundred the death toll stands at fifty but is expected to rise the stakes are high as Democrats debate in Houston ten of the twenty declared presidential candidates qualified for this round and it is the first time Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren have shared the stage ed o'keefe is in Houston tonight so add Biden still the front runner but any indications knight who's trying to gain ground. well certainly senator Warren because recent polls including our own show that she's gaining on the former vice president the biting campaign told us today that hill argue well worn and other Democrats have bold ideas on healthcare climate change the country needs is more practical solutions to actually be implemented one other note the ship. Lauren told us earlier this week sorry that she will continue to do what she's been doing try to convince voters to fight for them and their families and add the Democrats chose the Lone Star state for a strategic.

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