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Download America first every single episode all the things you missed and things you wanna hear again, we all very excited. We gave a bit of a tease to why John Brennan. Seems to be so worried who better to discuss that question. Then one of the key individuals who has been on earth thing the truth about the Russia hoax since the beginning. Of course, I'm talking about Chuck Ross I like to call him Charles. But he said he proposed the informal chock full o' him on Twitter Chuck Ross DC he's with the daily. Caller, welcome. Chuck. On appreciate it. Absolutely. Absolutely. So we do know better than go to the article you wrote yesterday, it's up the daily cooler, and it's got a very active tied full nothing passive about it, investigate Steele dossier as Russian disinformation, Intel experts say, and you quote, various people in hip people who I know personally, like Daniel Hoffman, who's just been made a member of the president's foreign intelligence board. A CIA veteran guy who knows exactly what he's talking about here for all readers. Haven't yet read your article? What is the key argument here with regards to the collusion theory that we have been having to deal with for the last two years Chuck Ross? I think the article starts with the premise that what we know now based on the summary of Muller's findings of no collusion the premise of that is currently just to strongly suspected a steel dossier or something gravely wrong with the dossier. And that's been no we've we kind of figured that out for a while. But Muller's finding kind of cement that for us. So that leaves us what the several possibilities of how the information about Donald Trump about Michael Cohen Carter page, just quote unquote, well-developed conspiracy, the false information. Right, right. So that that information appears fault? So why why default in Daniel Hoffman who you've mentioned who's a former CIA station. Chidi had a very interesting Kyrie last year, presented the the possibility that you know, what Russia out that Christopher Steele was investigating Trump all it would take. It would be very simple for. Russian intelligence to start planning disinformation with steel. And so that's one very likely possibility of how this false information ended up in the dossier. You know, the possibility, of course, are that he'll fusion GPS completely fabricated the information, which we can't rule that out either. But the other possibility is that steal huge rumor and innuendo. They just picked up off the street included in this dossier, which was then provided the FBI she gets the Valence wants to get Carter page and to basically serve as a roadmap for the the is investigation of the Trump campaign. So let let's just unpack it a little bit more number one. We know from court documents that have been released in the UK the following Christopher Steele wasn't simply an former intelligence officer with British intelligence with them. I six in a court proceeding. He went on record to state his person. Animus for Donald Trump. So this is a man who may have been in intelligence professional, but who hated Donald Trump. Secondly, the the individual you'll talking about Daniel Hoffman. Who's a friend of mine, you see him regularly on Fox News and elsewhere isn't just a CIA veteran of I think of thirty years who worked and who knows John Brennan he was actually stationed chief not in Baghdad not in Bogota. He was stationed chief in Moscow. So he knows exactly the trade craft and what the Russians and the Soviets before them did. And then and then Leslie the first point you made is the key one. If you want to plant disinformation pot of what the Soviets called active measures, you could you want to do it against Donald Trump. There is no better individual you could choose than a format intended. Agence officer Christopher Steele. Who will ready hates Donald Trump? So if you're looking for an razor approach the simplest explanation for a given scenario, this is a highly plausible one, correct? Absolutely not not St. approach. I took it at you know, I got a little more charitable, I'm somewhat charitable towards steel. I don't personally think that you just fabricated information out of whole cloth. Although I do believe that open. But yes, as you say often razor with suggests that, you know, the steel work in Moscow was wealth through two thousand nine he he works in a private intelligence firm and worked on on balding Russia investigated the fee for bribery scandal. You know that Russia pay to get the World Cup hosted there. So he was certainly on Russian intelligence and great are even though we left government service. You know last decade, so often theory just just seems right on right on target there. That steel would have been on the radar and also another argument at Hoffman may was that you know, except Muller's indictment of Russians hacking DNC computers that. Russians would have been able to snoop around those computers and possibly see evidence of what steel and fusion GPS and everyone was working on. So that it will be another clue in other bread crumbs for them to if they wanted to plant its formation still a given all the work you've done over the months and months regarding this whole collusion allegation. What is your sense, your gut of say, a fraction or percentage of how much we know in the public domain about what really happened is it less than ten percent more than ten percent. I mean things are starting to get revealed. And I think with with the mullahs report being redacted, we'll know much more. But in terms of the whole story how much is missing Chuck Ross in your opinion. Well, for the purposes of my career, I hope that about ten percent of quite out. There's a lot more to come. But in reality, you know, I I would I would just say that I think. Now, we're obviously transitioning into figuring out the origins of crossfire hurricane and all of the CIA FBI activities. You know, I've done some reporting on the ESPN format stuff on helper who was over at Cambridge. When he started making contact with Carter page oppa Doppler and Clovis, I think, you know, looking at whatever happened at Cambridge also looking overseas looking to the say looking to Italy, where George popadopoulos con-, you know, I met this character Joseph Mitsu to kind of kick started the whole investigation in his own way. I mean, there are a lot of activities overseas, which would lead you to believe that CIA might have been involved in some of this or had early knowledge. We are just scratching the surface. So I don't say that. I would probably be it and say, maybe we know twenty five percent of what full between twenty five and fifty he wants to have some job security. We listened to Chuck Ross of the daily caller follow him Chuck Ross DC. I'm Sebastian Gorka. We'll be back with our guest momentarily. This is America first. This is not CNN..

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