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And warr i would i'd be cool so you know you know whose name she didn't put in there man so so disrespectful kevin few guitar now bye it's just like how hard is that to remember who she oh you of all people it's back from daniel tiger no still you know that's on in my house every day i don't know any of the characters name other the daniel though anyway we'll you're listening to you children go no i'm not i listen i listen to my kids i don't listen to their shows because i can go crazy doing that legitimately crates legitimately ask nick he's been there up it's word girl i'm sorry still there we can't afford the rights to that the word girls awesome you know what most pbs kids is actually okay because it knows what it is and it knows that it's for the kids and not for the adults and it doesn't do a weird thing in the middle but that is a tangent in and of itself all right well you know what i have a feeling we're going to have things to say about this next one so everyone's favorite joker you know not everyone's ledger fourth fourth favourite joker not not jack nicholson nah even oh cesar romero camel but fifth favorite joker okay caesar ameri you i forgot about mark hamill thank you very much what.

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