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Good morning. You're on the Air Jr on whatever he's doing is having a good time. Is it Jr there on the line? Is that J. R a junior? I wanna make sure to say the right name Jr Jr Jr. You're on the air. What's on your mind? Thank you. He's getting He's getting some foods like he's in line. I wondered where you were. You guys check that she'd check check on J. R. What he's eating. He's like that doesn't sound too good. And do people have master on and you're socially distancing word you are. Are you safe? That's a good question. I have a lot of questions is 8 51 here on the top of Don show you could jump in at 512836059. I'm not. But I am not going to sit here and say Give my opinion and he should have done that or not done. I have no idea And you gotta What's really important here is that you you have to try as much as you can. If you're going to talk about this and put yourself in the officer's shoes, and there's no way I could put myself in the officer's shoes. Which officer Well, we got. Sounds like we've got A to least two were initially We have the one that allegedly this this. This guy pointed the gun at him, and that's when it all started following him, pointed a gun at him, and that's when this all started. I don't know what he saw. Really. I don't know what he experienced how he felt. If he felt other lives at that point, we're in danger, and he needed to fire on him. Initially, there I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, it's gonna be a very It's gonna be a fascinating incident to follow and see how this this turns out and what the investigation shows. It concerns me. It does Because this is complicated, and we know the current climate here in Austin. It does concern me a lot. Yeah. And all right there Within minutes. Zbig deal. Jump in here at 51283605 90 Toll free 8775905525. We're gonna go to the boat for lunch. We are We are. This is over on the 10,000 block of stone like stone like emo pack. Yeah, Yes. Don't like emo pack. Yeah, and we're gonna eat. They get incredible reviews, man. Yeah, they are a brand new. How would you describe the boat? Well, I'm going to do one thing that I'm familiar with us. They're big outdoor seating, Which is gonna be the most importantly the food and I think the reviews speak for themselves to start. I know you're not a sushi guy, but you're a seafood. Well, here's the deal. Here's the deal and and they don't have sushi. They have They have real Texas and and their brand new client to you and me. So we're going to go check him out today and I know it looks like they got a Cajun flare, which I'm excited about because I love Cajun food. Now, what is That mean? What does that mean? Spices, spices. It's gonna come down the spike,.

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