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Yeah and i see anis now what i try to encourage raiders who who my at it like i i want them to do bought because the last thing i wanted to do as for anybody to fall into look a magazine boys who like a certain motive speaking i want it to feel like you are telling me a story as you would tell it to me from sitting in front of you so i had really smart editors who brought la me and luckily the now didn't try to tap the down and i don't know that i could have i look i don't know that i ever could have written in other way i don't know the can i so often try to do a professional or formal and it just doesn't work it doesn't ring true um so i guess like that it's not a developmenets chefs the one thing i will say about this is that when you develop a certain boys or you have a certain boyce there comes this weird internal pressure for me that goes okay ready emmy rose voice and whenever i catch myself doing that i i try to bucket as best they can why is because you in doing in in that act he won't actually right like yourself yeah because i think that's false rao changing all the time and so there's no such thing as a numerous ways there's just me writing how does so how does that come through in the editing process when you're going back through in revisiting the work that you've done what are you looking to change in it i'm not looking to change at one what i'm looking back because i wrote what i had to ride at each particular indiscreet tunnel at to right up but if i'm writing and i noticed myself trying to fall into like the same leg jovial are slangy pattern just because it sounds like me that's a huge problem and so i have to like take a break and smoke a cigarette and refrain to take a walk yeah of course sticking walks is the only leader we you i know you start it's an i didn't notice before but you started writing for rookie when you were nineteen but.

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