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Don't be nervous I got flow Monroe back this up to and then we can go from there and anybody who wants to hop on we we can make this happen what do you what do you need from us Billy what do you wanna make sure everybody's closely everybody's ready it's all about feeling the energy yeah yeah because I want to get a little closer here we can feel the energy a little bit like if your skin is like when you get this might just do whatever you want to do in it yep with it and how not anything Billy has a gig Friday night after our toy drive after not helping us save Christmas Billy is doing a benefit for a bird sanctuary yeah you said that is not a Gulf port yet low tide copper bar to go see him there he performs as it for the third as Balfe council as Billy Mays the third and Billy without further ado here is our newest addition any of them out cancel say Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey happy Hanukkah happy Hanukkah happy happy Hanukkah happy happy Hanukkah happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy.

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