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I have the language on the screen is that correct and what was the question pardon can you repeat the last question one last question was I wanted her to get an accurate now I apologize can you started again okay so I'm sorry could you repeat that one attorney number two in the inspector general's report instruct both worked on your team did not make any extra work on your team didn't I have as I heard struck who else we talking about attorney number two identified in the inspector general's report okay and the question was volume two page eighty seven eighty eight of your report true I'm sorry could you again repeat the question no okay what episode as as an a with that what year was that one that was it never happened you know you see Bobby deniro play Mahler wins an Emmy for it wells company guy in the world knows gets Hey Bobby are you coming back this weekend to do that scared probably not as a no one touch it just like they never touch AOC like all this comedy rich targets yeah talk about besides trumpet of course they won't do well they've been on hiatus so they haven't really they kind of missed the whole thing with the squad you know they're going to go after the squad I think if this were differently today a Mahler was perfect and suddenly heard about impeachment it's all real that they find a way to come back from hiatus but you know the fact that he was kind of a bumbling buffoon has nothing to do with whether there was look there if there was no if there was collusion we know about that yeah it wouldn't matter how he performs how we perform right nothing came out of it and we also got the comedy as well that is right it was a gift to us today better comedy is when you go back and look at the way that Mahler was looked at by celebrities in Hollywood and how much they thought that this is the guy is going to take down the evil trump and they even did a Christmas card for him Cooper unreal right before the last Christmas and this is just I don't know creepy we wish you a mother Christmas we wish you a mother Christmas we wish you a mother Christmas an impeachment next year indictments will come to you and to your kin indictments for Christmas and impeachment next here.

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