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But why does he have a blind spot when it comes to this coach that is my thing I'm saying because I'm thinking if a good coach comes in there. He's going to have to get out of the way. My thing is this. I don't think Jerry wants to get out of the way. And this is what's what Starbucks is saying, I think and eight minutes saying. That something's dysfunctional. That is the dysfunctional piece to me because they got the players. They got everything you need because he's good at that. You get out of the way. Not the first time we've seen this no SaaS Kobe Bryant. But there was a moment of true for Kobe Bryant in his young career him and shack having issues, and I remember hearing the statement, do you want to win or do you want to be the reason we win and there's a subtle difference? Like, do you care if we win no matter who gives the love who gets Accolate or you wanted to come to you in a winning effort. And it seems like Jerry Jones has shown us that I want to be the reason we win because he went through winning three or four Super Bowls Jimmy Johnson. And Jimmy Johnson said this is perfect where you want to Jimmy and Jimmy's like this is perfect and Jerry's like it'd be better. If you say my name, it'd be better if you give me some murder, if you better if you just respect the other name on the check Jimmy was like man, let me just be a football coach, and that you've been owner, and that was a point of contention. And I still think that he is living in that mental space like I have to be part of. Reason a large part of us winning. Listen. Your beating up on Jerry a lot. And maybe he deserves it. But I I was listening to that game. And a lot of times you can pick up through the broadcasters. What the conversation is in the building because the broadcast is get all this access. They have to hand production meetings. And so I listened to Chris Collins words commentary last night. And to me there's a dispute right now between the coaching staff and Jerry Jones about the quarterback. If you listen to Chris Collins where last night he consistently pointed out can't take that. You gotta get rid of the ball. All when they go back and look at this film. And he missed this guy wide open you he's going to regret that. And so all last night, I thought fairly not he wasn't unfair. At all Chris Collins work was pointing out the shortcomings in the quarterback. And I feel and at one point he said, you know, Scotland hand has said if we can. Just get rid of the ball and just lineup on second down rather than taking this set. Jason I one hundred percent agree with you. There was one moment in that game. Where Chris Collins were went back like probably another series a series when that Prescott had Michael galloping young rookie, and he threw it to him. And then he got pushed out of bounds by Corey Gwen. He sat in waited and waited and he's like this is what they're talking about. When you hear a broadcaster saying, this is what he's not just talking about what he sees. He sat down with these coaches, and they have an expectation that they have Ford that Prescott and that he has for himself, and he's not meeting that..

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