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Gabby. Sick. Right. So you gotta come around. Like Ronald Reagan whale shocked. Right. Let me say in any event Benedict. Donald made a deal with the devil Raymond deal with Satan, where he said, I will give you the federal judiciary. I will give you the supreme court and all the federal judges in the two layers beneath. I will give you the war on women that you have been drying away. All these years. We will get rid of this contraceptives will take we will Wade, social, cultural and religious war. Able and if you will give me the presidency I will deliver to you the federal judiciary and the war on women. Do you know why? So I am a great Christian. And I am here you go. There's your mom and day is that's how they define it. Look I defined in any event. That's why he's there. He made that deal and therefore in senior legal analyst time, we've got to look at the war on women part because Benedict Donald is never stopped. Waging a war on contraceptive care under ObamaCare. Right. We're talking about. We're talking about the mandate in ObamaCare that contraceptive care as part of health insurance be free your member, the nuns, you remember the nuns who said, oh, no we can't be complicit in this. You remember the hobby lobby case, you remember when I said, they've never stopped waging the war the same area, we're back, but we never left United. Just haven't talked about it lately. Benedict. Donald continues to deliver for his base. They continued to wage war on women by trying to undermine the law with administrative regulations. There's your hint and senior legal analyst time they tried to undermine. When the law with administrative regulations. Can you do that? Can you know? Well, anyway, we've gotta do senior legal analyst time. But now when I was getting the story together earlier today was one federal judge in California who issued his ruling and then just about an hour before the show went on the air a little while ago. He was here comes another news alert from the Washington Post saying, hey, a second federal judge in a different place just came to the same result. But even more expansively, so boy, oh boy. Do we have senior legal analyst time in one hour. I will of course, have time for you. I always have time for you one eight eight eight three two one six zero zero one it's one triple eight three two one six thousand one. And because this is Monday. Of course, we don't have right guests and interviews. I mean, that's the airwaves are you? And me it's one triple eight three two one six thousand one so understand that today is really living history. I mean, let's not let's. It's hard to overstate it. It's hard to overstate it. But it's much easier to understate the importance of these days. Now, the early days of twenty nineteen could easily go back go down in history as the very clear beginning of the end of Benedict Donald's time because the evidence is becoming ever more clear that he is literally literally a Russian agent and during Watergate when I was when I was they call it. They call it middle school now when I was in junior high school as we call the back in the day that was Watergate, and is having the time of my life, love and Watergate and testimony run home after school watching the Sam Ervin right? I'm just the dumb country lawyer. And even I knew I was like fourteen I'm going, I don't think he's just a dumb country lawyer. Anyway, I was having the time my life. Watergate was nothing compared to this. Watergate was nothing. This is this is serious stuff. Foreign agent anyway back in the Watergate days, it was the Washington Post. Right Woodward and Bernstein that took the lead, and of course, near both still around. Hey, Bob Woodward's writing books about the this guy. Right. Bob woodward. This guy fear writes the same. Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein's on CNN that both really smart, and they're really out there. And they got the perspective now right being somewhat older. Guys, haven't been the big guys for Watergate aren't the Washington Post was like the lead in the New York Times is always kind of one step or half step behind back into Watergate days. But the New York Times was kinda holding its own on Watergate, and they had this kind of back and forth, the New York Times and the Washington Post had this back and forth. Well, it's kinda like that again, except it seems this time it seems the New York Times is kinda have the step ahead. That's why these are institutions, right? New York Times. Washington Post, many many people are different in these institutions, but the institutions in their missions remain the same. So this weekend. Blockbuster story number one, courtesy of the New York Times the New York Times report at the FBI began investigating whether Trump had been working against American interests on behalf of Russia after the spring of two thousand seventeen firing of director James Comey, according to former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the probe counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president's actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Passing it on so many levels agents and senior FBI officials had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump's ties to Russia during the two thousand sixteen campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude agents also sought to determine whether Mr. Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow's influence. No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact or took direction from Russian government officials. That's next. That's next is hold onto your hat. That's Mika Brzezinski. And we do thank MSNBC and morning Joe for that clip. And yes, it was the New York Times that broke the story that shortly after James Comey was fired the FBI opened a counterintelligence. I'm sorry. I'm laughing the FBI I have to say. A straight face. It's so amazing. The FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into the president of the United States so called on grounds at he's working against American interests. This is the stuff of novels. This is this. This is the doomsday scenario the foreign enemy has captured. President right. This is the stuff of movies and TV docudrama 's this is real life. And I'm not joking around the president responded to the story and parts of the twelve tweets that he sent on Saturday morning twelve tweet saying investigation was opened with no reason and no proof. That again, Mika Brzezinski once again, we thank MSNBC and morning Joe for that. And you and I do senior legal analyst time a lot right? This kind of lost Baltics is this show. It's the Norman Goldman show. Okay. So we're gonna do formal senior legal analyst time in the next hour. But I gotta do it here. Right. I'm being walked into it by the news. So. The argument by the Benedict. Donald crowd is is that the entirety of federal law enforcement is corrupt rigged and fix against Benedict. Dump now, that's there if that's look if that's their best argument, they got problems because what they have to do if they are if their argument is to succeed, they must convince a really large number of people to not believe a word out of the FBI the department of Justice, right? Most of the federal government. The argument is is that the law enforcement, Julie can't be trusted all of it. Every last word is a lie. And obviously when a guy who's a pathological liar is making that claim that's a hard one to claim and you're running against the kind of the fiber of American people. The American people have been have been trained right to believe in the FBI American people. They don't wanna. A turn on the FBI. Right. This TV shows when I was a kid, right? Jay, who's working with the network to make the FBI? You know, this is a wonderful thing. Right. And now, there's even the new FBI on TV the idea is to try and tell people that they shouldn't trust their own federal law enforcement. That's all hard argument. It's a tough sell. And when it's coming from, you know, who do that's a really extra hard sell. And that's all they've got. And by the way, Sarah h Sanders, sir, h Sanders. Sara Hussain, San right? What that's what Trump meant. We saw me. He said Barack h and he did a little thing with his finger to make the h in the air. He's been Barack h Obama Tonga's white knuckle dragging Naci crowd. Right. The H for Hussein. So I get to do the same thing. Right. Sarah h Sanders is that Hussein is MSA series. I'm sure your pops would be very impressed with that Mike Huckabee anyway, so Sarah h Sanders five days before the twenty sixteen election tweeted out about Hillary Clinton when you're attacking the FBI you're losing. So now who's attacking the FBI. Absolutely. And you're losing and Benedict. Donald now, look if that's his best argument. He's in deep trouble. If if the only thing they've got is banking on undermining so much of the credibility of the FBI and federal law enforcement as to convince the American people not to believe law enforcement, but to believe Benedict, Donald I'll see that happen. And frankly, and the fact that they have no other defense is very telling let's look at what they're not arguing right, then not arguing the merits of any of this. There were attacking the integrity and the credibility of the law. Law enforcement agencies. They're not getting into the mud and wrestling on the individual issues, and if they had faxed to work with you know, that they'd be in the mud wrestling on the individual issues, but they're trapped there caught and they got big problems so Benedict Donald now being investigated as working for Russia. Wow. Even facts bleep been. Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia? Mr president. I think it's the most insulting thing. I've ever been asked me the most insulting article I've ever had written. And if you read the article you'd see that they found absolutely nothing. The headline of that article is called the failing New York Times for reason they've gotten me wrong for three years. They've actually gotten me run for many years before that well, he can attack the New York Times all he wants. But it's the FBI that opened the investigation. And that's why you and I have to do kind of senior legal analyst time now, which is this while Benedict Donald wants us to believe that it was a vindictive corrupt FBI that opened a counterintelligence investigation against him. If he actually and by the way, he didn't read that New York Times article if you get me is redefining what four the FBI to open a counterintelligence investigation against president of the United States. By the way, let's leave that last part out for the FBI to open counterintelligence investigation against me. You, you know, the the grocer down the street anybody there are rules and processes and procedure. They're known as red tape. Sometimes they're called the deep state. I like to think of them as the government also bureaucracy the government and bureaucracy, those go hand in hand and the FBI like so much of the government. Unlike the White House, the FBI is a rules driven organization. There's rules for everything. This is the government. We're talking about the federal government. And you can't there's not there's no one person in the FBI who simply can snap his or her fingers and decree that a counterintelligence investigation is now co conjured into existence. It's gotta be roundtable. It's gotta be proposed. It's gotta be stamped by several layers of supervisor Rosario authority. It's got to go through a process. You can't just say, hey, I don't like Donald Trump. Let's open a counterintelligence investigation. Nobody having heard no objection. We have a counter. Investigation. That's not how it works. This is the FBI say what you will believe what you will about their professionally run organization they got rules practices procedures. There's people layers of supervisory stuff. I mean, you don't open this kind of thing. A lot of people said we got a lot of evidence to do it. The standard is very high super high for the FBI, by the way, have they closed that investigation. No, why should they more evidence is coming into supportive? You know, close an investigation when it's bearing fruit. You just keep going, right? Have you heard me say work with the facts live with the truth? Believe me that's wasn't investigations about you work with the facts. And you see where they take you one eight eight three two one six thousand one. Now, this look you and I are living looking at history here. FBI counter tells us investigation gets the city president on grounds Eason agent of a foreign agent. Are you kidding me? No, nobody's kidding anybody. Let's get the scandal. Number two before we get before we get to the government shutdown. We gotta get the scandal. Number two. This is insane stuff. Where Justice is served. 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