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Do something people cockroaches. Let's waiting for you at home that you'd like to see the most after three days in an airport. The wow air flight on the departure board is still listed as on time and the self serve kiosks are still working, but they won't get you anywhere at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio and people who have been planning to fly on that discount airline. Wow. Are scrambling. It had offered cheap fares to Iceland in Europe at midnight last night, though, they suddenly ceased operations CBS senior travel adviser Peter Greenburg says the airline actually has been in trouble for a while. Well found itself unable to pay its creditors. It tried to get a lifeline from rival airline Icelandair earlier last year that deal fell apart and failed to secure at any additional lines of credit therefore it had no choice, but to cease operations and passengers are upset that. Wow. Air was selling tickets up until the mid it. It went bus if you bought a while air ticket within the past sixty days, you may be able to get a refund from your credit card company. One person who did make it way into the skies. Nasa astronaut, Ann McLean. She's currently stationed on the international space station last night McLean. Took part. In the traditional greeting between the SSN children's hospital in providence since two thousand sixteen residents. Police officers local businesses have participated in the so-called good night lights event each night. That is when the astronauts shine a light toward the Hasbro children's hospital at eight thirty pm right before bedtime and the children's shined lights back in return. Four forty nine. A house committee is just weeks away from voting on a Bill that would protect state legal cannabis businesses from federal intervention congressman Jim McGovern says the house rules committee, which he chairs we'll look at the bipartisan states act legislation within the next few weeks. Govern says he thinks the Bill will easily pass the committee and the full house if it passes the Senate would exempt state legal marijuana companies from the federal controlled substances act. Meantime, another cannabis related vote in the house. Today means the cannabis industry is one step closer to working with banks. A key piece of legislation for the cannabis industry is moving through the political pipeline. The House Financial Services committee passed the secure and fair enforcement banking act, which would allow banks to work with legal cannabis industry. Financial institutions are not currently allowed to work with the cannabis industry, forcing those companies to mostly operate in cash while the Bill easily passed the house committee, and is receiving strong support as it heads for a full house vote. It's receiving less enthusiasm in the Senate. That is. Reporter Jason Brooks today is opening day for Pax east. It's also open day for the Red Sox, but gamers from across the northeastern gathering at the south Boston convention center. And that's where we find WBZ's Carl Stevens is I.

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