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By twenty thirty five what timing liberate that sounds like a lot alike rollitt who you'll to the low as you know asleep the guy the to the held up the bank your locally as liberating simoni was well um it's interesting the example that give here the ah amazon's or robot workforce and warehouses has grown from a thousand to nearly fifty thousand a robots since 2014 serving a three short years the what is that of a fifty fold increase in um and three three in three years and here's and they said and they've never laid off anyone other them for performance reasons and their distribution centres i you know what here's mouth all they may have not not light anybody often their distribution centres they were lying people off in uh in in the local walmart sincere as we our land and they they were the heavens happening there but uh and you know you can't be you can't blame amazon for a for being uh for being efficient and being the next june they're throwing here's they said i remember the legally these robots are going to give us a forty trillion dollar economy where we would have had a twenty eight trillion dollar economy without them okay so now we're really closing in on the technologies that mike you're the national debt and eat but when you add tell twelve trillion to the to the gdp line that significant an e even even with all of the problems and all of the heartache and we've got to figure this stuff out stuff going on around employment.

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