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Yes suddenly nelson demille you novel everybody you're right i mean you know in the old days when it was the manual typewriter do carbon paper and whiteouts and will few novelists around but now you know unfortunately with the computer itself it up to everybody they know how to type too right you're you're our greatest writer to these amateurs actually have the nerve to say this to you and show it to you yeah i get a lot of one minute scripts from people you know in forty years i mean since my first book which is actually forty years now by the rivers the bible on published july nineteen seventy eight we have an anniversary edition coming out i think i've been getting unsolicited manuscripts them i have to tell you i'm forty years maybe i get i don't know how many years but i've got my fouls and i don't read them all but i try to be helpful when i came to young authors but i don't think five thousand people have gotten published forty years i mean the you know the pub the read getting published is very low and sometimes i see something good in them i really do try to help with an agent or coming into my editor who doesn't wanna see anymore my managed to get over my over the transom of but it come on but you know everybody has a feeling a lot of what they want to discover themselves the great american author you know went up role in competition but we're also very collegial what those tend to be very collegial all throughout their lives and try to help you on the road is good to hear every if you want to read a really really great novel get nelson's the mills book a cuban affair it's just come out and trade paperback order amazon or wherever you get books we're going to a bookstore the cuban affair it's the latest book and i saw saturday night we had a great dinner at the burning of castro's house we did and the mentioned the wealth that we won't put a lot of notables were there a lot of notable that was that was a very good company you know.

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