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In in school in great school back in dearborn michigan who was in el bino nice kid everybody got along with him but i mean they really stand out the i mean they almost look like they're extraterrestrials herself well i i think i think you write about at probably from an article what do you say arts the three big as dream misconceptions her dream that misconception is that i here is that some people say they don't dream and that is a mess because we all dream three to nine dreams every night how do we know we it there's all kinds of science to back that up in the only way that dreams would be suppressed as if somebody was heavily heavily medicated or had a serious psychotic problem in the brain injury showed stomas exactly but that's but ninety nine point nine percent of people are dreaming every single night the issue is whether or not they're dreaming the issue is about whether or not they remember their dreams because dreams are sometimes difficult to remember if you're not in the habit of them the second miss is that dreams don't matter and i love to pull out my list of all of the incredible inventions that have come to light because of dreams like take the light bulb thomas edison yeah we exactly so she dreamt about the filament in the light bulb and because of that he discovered electricity and so we would and then also um we would so we could say.

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