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1st and 2nd. Then dance me Swanson in Austin Reilly. They each move up a base on a wild pitch. All of this while Nick Markakis was at the plate, however, think about this. There's nobody out. The Braves have just taken a one run lead. They got runners at 2nd and 3rd. That this happens. There's a pitch swing in a ground ball to third. Coming home is Turner and they got Swanson in a run down. They throw to Smith back to Turner. Turner puts the tag on the runner. Now we throw to third. They tag Riley. And it's a double play 5 to 56. They get them Both. They get Swanson and Riley all of a sudden what looks to be a huge ending potentially for the Braves. Roof goes up, doubt done. 32. Still, Braves do have the lead. They would continue with the lead. Although Ma'am in the fifth. Freddie Freeman thought he extended it by one first one. Freeman swings and drives it at a year. Right field That's going back a track nearthe wall jumps and he caught it. They stole a homer from Freddie Freeman. What a play. Mookie Betts has done it again. Holy cow! Yeah, it's probably the best thing you could say both without getting in trouble. I mean, mochi bets in back to back days. Yesterday was good. This was ridiculous. He absolutely Rod Freddie Freeman of a home run. It remained a 32 game. All of this Well, each team works their way through Patriot. Justin May only went in, and Tony Johnson went to Blake trying and went to for Dave Roberts, who started grad or all came in, he went and ending on the flipside Tyler Matic Green.

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