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Home show on NewsRadio WNBA? My name is Richard mckeon. You're humble home improvement. Guru, jordan. We we here at the station. We have a new mascot, a new mascot. Yes. Okay. Okay. Way way back in the day before you were born WNBA had a mascot called Millard the Mallard. Okay. Okay. It was a cartoon duck. Right. And. Well, I'll be honest with you the guy who hired me almost sixteen years ago. One of the things he was told by the company that he worked for because I was three companies go was killed that damn duck. They did away with. But now, we we we got to come up with a name for him. Because I'm referred to. We have a trash panda. The dumpster outside. I've I've seen him. Now. I was I stepped outside just to check the weather and you're in the dumpster poodle. And we have a raccoon we have at raccoon you call them dumpy dumpy dumpy the trash panda. I'd call animal control. You know, what they would do nothing. Collect an animal. This is his habitat he lives around here. So there's not much we can do. But I don't wanna get too close. But I kind of want to feed him. Don't be the you know what? What that's one of the things that I explained to my fiance is my biggest flaw. I'm an enabler Lord. I am. I can't look the difference between men and women. One of the major ones is men. Well, me in particular. I'm I'm a fixer. So my instant thought is problem solution fixed moving on right? And that doesn't work. And so I've had a really readjust my thinking to be more understanding of her thought pattern, and but I am an enabler. I totally am. What we do three or four five eleven forty Wendy and beautiful down to Reina. Hi, richard. I've just installed a new Water Filter in my eyes filter Water Filter refrigerator. Mhm ordered them on Amazon you got the one that replaced it. It says to flush the system with about three gallons of water. How do you flush the system? I mean, the water just comes in automatically and. How to? There's no not really an acceleration. You put in the filter. And then you just start filling water jugs through letting the water flow through the lines and through that filter, and you just, you know, fill up a water jug a couple three times, and then pour it out. Oh, okay. All right now. Here's the way quit Wendy. Be simple. It. Well, it is. But here's the question. You're in Verein ah that means to me, you're on wellwater. Yes. Okay. Well, water. No not in variety. You don't. Yeah. I do. Do I do what are you down there by diamond springs or something? No. Well, no further towards sixty four but we've always had great water year. Like the first person I've heard say that. And I grew up in Verona. I. I cut my plumbing teeth on really crappy water in Verona. So you are blessed. We're lucky. Yes. You are. But yeah, just let just let it flow. It just it gets the compounds in it. Even out and any loose particles. It flushes them out of there that way you can drink it. Okay. All right, Wendy. Okay. Terrific. Thank you. Thank you. Three four five eleven forty. That's how you get through to the show had an interesting conversation yesterday. With my father, Charles McCann when visited by the way, for those of you who know him and have been wondering what's going on? Yes. He did have a bypass surgery earlier this week, and he is feeling better. He he's still in the hospital because it was pretty major surgery when they crack your sternum. That's that's pretty intense. I don't wanna go through it. And I told him it's like you're going to finally change your diet grumble grumble grumble grumble, stop grumbling at me, man. Sixty eight years old you need to start taking care of yourself. So we were talking about the trades because he's still in it. Now, I got out plumbing. Mostly because. Started to feel the wear and tear. It's a hard business. It really is. But somebody has to do it. And he was explaining to me like what he's dealing with now. And what's going through all of the traits all of them every single one of the trades? You name it. They are looking for help. They're looking for people that can work, and I've got too many people that are saying I'm just looking for good help. That's the that's the real key. Good. I talked to an HVAC company the other day, they said they will start. They will start a helper at fifteen bucks an hour. And a helper. That means they hand tools. They carry stuff. They're not technicians. They're just helpers and they're being offered. Fifteen bucks an hour and free schooling to get your license and they can't find any help. Ladies and gentlemen, talk to your kids. Talk to them about getting in the trades. The money is there, and it's going to be ridiculous consumers. You people out there that don't know a trade you are going to be paying so much money for for craftsman. Very soon. My dad was talking to one of the guys over at one of our supply houses who's been in this business for decades. And he said, Charlie I see in the next three to four years. Three to four. That's not long that installing a toilet will cost a thousand dollars. Imagine that a thousand bucks a toilet cost to fifty. Three hundred for a really good too. That's just the toilet. With.

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