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This episode of target usa my name is poodle leonov scheme i'm the minister of foreign affairs and european integration of the republic of moldova mr early oskar had a conversation with his russian counterpart thurgau lavrov as you may know moldova has a problem with russia as does many of its other neighbours you see russia has troops on moldovan soil troops they don't want and my russian counterpart has clearly reiterated at russia's horse moldova's territorial integrity sovereignty and independence and in this case we say officially that if we have and we see that russia officially supports moldova's territorial integrity meaning that transdniestrian region should be a part of the of the country while we say if you want to help and disposes remove the troops and munitions get the troops out get the troops out the guns i'll get the weapons out exactly what's he response issue responded that these troops are keeping the peace but as russian aggression in the region continues to flourish piece may be a fleeting idea coming up on this edition of target usa the national security podcast from wto in washington dc this is target usa russia could render huge arm to this winter north korea's secret missile capable of reaching the whole of the united states dangerous terrorist dc is repeatedly mentioned someplace they would like to seek an attack cyber criminal success america as a target on its back and on this program we investigate the threats the people behind them the agencies fighting them and the impact on you this is target usa the national security podcast i'm jay jay green many of russia's neighbors are concerned about its revanchist intentions they're worried about the mixed and confusing messages coming from russia on one hand kremlin officials say they support the end dependence and free will of neighboring countries as long as that free will doesn't lead to an alliance with the west that's a part of the problem for moldova foreign minister twodoor leonov ski was in washington on june twenty fifth along with prime minister pablo felipe while here according to susan voiding a mayoral election between a pro russian and pro western candidate generated a lot of attention highlighting moldova's conflicted international stance bouli enough sqi talked about the problems facing moldova while visiting with target usa indeed i'm here in washington as a member of the ligation of the republic of moldova led by the prime minister minister five philippe and we have just finalized a good meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo and we have a vast agenda covering the legislative side meetings on the hill but also meeting with american business community that have or wants to have business relations with moldovan counterparts and as well with organizations here in the us that support and encourage american businesses to come to moldova how was the meeting with secretary pompeo what did you discuss it was a very good meeting focusing on strategic cooperation bilateral cooperation between moldova and the united states of america we have reiterated the the strong political support for strengthening the existing strategic dialogue corporation that we have between our countries and also gradually starting to think about a strategic partnership but with a view to achieve that we have to register some some positive dynamics in the economic field in the political dimension but also in the defense and security cooperation and the american secretary of state bombayo has clearly highlight the strong interest of washington and of the current government for the region where the republic of moldova finds itself and also has clearly stated america's support for moldova moldova's stability moldova's independence but also moldova's democratic progress of reform russia is a big issue for both countries did russia come up in your conversations we have generally covered the geopolitical context and that includes the the ongoing situation in ukraine because moldova has a border with with ukraine and moldova has not recognized the illegal annexation of crimea by the russian federation and or the same metre we really hope for a ceasefire to take place on the eastern part of ukraine.

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