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Filed the monuments of our founders. There were a few people Charles Kessler and others. And Chris Flannery, who pointed out that this is what happens when you tell people offensive fied story in which everybody is either a villain or a victim. Right either. You're the like great sort of devil of whiteness, or you are a depressed Signoria. That's the only story they have about America. Of course, people are taking to the streets. Of course, there's arson and violence. When you tell people that long enough through enough channels and then when this was pointed out And somebody said, You know, we should call these the 16 19 riots. Nicole Hannah Jones said It would be an honor. Thank you. Thank you Actual aim. Yeah, That's right. So cool. So I agree with all of this. I mean, I think this really gives great insight. It's a not to use a Roman expression. Actually, this is the time expression say, non event. I've been provider, you know, usually friends anything? If it's not true, you know, Hey, At least it makes a good story. It's well discovered as well. So I agree with with all of that, and they are telling his new stories, and it really interesting point you make is when we compare ourselves right now to the fall of Rome. The issue is in the fall of the Roman Empire. It's It's the fall of the Roman Republic, and actually, Rome had some pretty great years under an empire. They kind of come to their identity with the rise of the empire with the rise of Caesar Augustus. So so maybe we're we are at the beginning of something new. But what do you say to this? This leftist may be subjective ist kind of angle here that well, if it's all just stories, right, if it's all just for telling each other narratives, why is one narrative any better than any other narrative when it comes to American history? It is a great question, so the sort of left the line for a long time has bean. Yeah, it's stories all the way down. It's just you know you like there's nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so that the person who can construct the most appealing narrative is an ancient viewpoint. There were there were philosophers in Greece before Socrates, who thought this essentially That My argument is not that there's no such thing as an important historical story. I think stories the way that we depict things not just the way that we tell facts, but the way that we paint paintings and the way that we sing songs all the stuff right, hugely important for forgetting the emotional power of the truth across, but the key is right. The stories exist for a purpose, just like words exist for a purpose. Words exists to communicate ideas. Stories exist to communicate emotions and to communicate the spiritually reality of what happened. So even if in a painting, you know you paint the crossing of the Delaware with this kind of glorious stream of sunlight when in fact it was It was like a miserable hardship. You're communicating something there about the emotional truth of what went on that This was a noble valiente. Brave endeavor that was God favored right? You can use words to tell the truth, and you can use words to lie. You can use stories to tell the truth, and you can use stories to lie. This is what the left fundamentally denies is that there is no such thing as a true or false story. There's just stories right. But in fact, right there is an emotional and spiritual reality of our founding. It was a God blessed the fantastic eruption of some new Western Liberty. Into a world that had yet to be discovered essentially by by Europeans. That is a miraculously event and to portray it as if it were just subterfuge on the part of, you know, evil masterminds trying to trying to subject ate the You know the downtrodden is simply to lie. It's not just to tell factory all right, because, of course, the 16 19 projects. Is factually false has its own fact checkers have said, but but beyond that, it's artistically false. It's a depiction of what this was at a spiritually emotional level. That is just not true. Wow, There is so much there, and it seems that our culture seems to get it wrong and every step of the way Yes, the 16 19 project. The central thesis is just as a historical matter. It's just wrong. And beyond that there are stories. There are frames, you know that we can have to look at our history. But it's not just all stories all the way down. It's that stories can be truer or false er than other stories and there is a A truth to the founding of our country to the heart of our country, And when we inevitably tell the stories about what that's going to be, I would like us to tell the true story. I would like us which which actually is a lot better than the trash that were being taught in schools. We have to leave it there. Mr Clay oven. We've barely skimmed the surface of your excellent essay, which I recommend people go read it. The CRB That's an ES and US by Spencer Clayton also, listen. It's my favorite podcast. Young heretics. Go listen to it. I right after you listen to mine but go, But you really should. Really. It's my fate. My favorite podcast these days Go take a listen and follow Spencer's work at The American mind and the Claremont Review Books, Mr. Clint Dr Clay even thank you for coming on and helping us clear up a little bit about our history. Michael. It's been a pleasure. Thanks so much for having all right. See you soon. We got to take a quick break. I'm Michael Knowles filling in for the Ben Shapiro show. Do not go anywhere. Do not touch.

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