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It's like who's going to come through this section isn't it? It's really, I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if Angelique Kerr becomes through as well, you know. Battling through that first round match. I mean, who do you think is the most dangerous person left in this part of the draw? Because I'm still looking at Anderson over, I think she's playing very, very well at the moment. But again, again, I look at players like Leila Fernández has also playing well, coco Goff sort of coming through the jaw unnoticed. Yeah, some real some really interesting kind of players to kind of keep an eye on, but for me, and it's given what she's done here before, perhaps she has the edge a little bit. Yeah, I mean, I've got a funny feeling about Kerber, but what she's going to go complete the career Grand Slam. Well, no, not all the way, but just maybe semifinals or something. But actually, I would love her to get the career Grand Slam. I think that would be cool, but I mean, it's quite unexpected, but I've just never say never. Really nice though, for Darius saville, I thought, you know, she kind of she's obviously a player that's coming back from this awful injury and it has some good results this year. She's actually got quite a, well, an all right record against kvitova, but she, yeah, beat her in straight set, 6 four 6 two. So really nice for several. I hope she can carry on through the jaw. I'd like to see that. And also, I think we mentioned this earlier, but Diane parry backing up that win over critique for as well. Who incidentally has COVID and is out of the doubles. So even if she had have come through that first round match, I guess she would have been out with discovering she had COVID, so she wouldn't have been able to defend her title anyway, which is just awful timing. Yeah, a real week to forget a feel for critique of a testing positive, defending champion out in round one, maybe had some sort of hope for the doubles, but unfortunately not able to play it. So yeah, she'll be kind of looking to move on moving on to the grass. Kim, I'm going to talk to you about kaia kanepi also because she beat had admire 6 four 6 four. So she is potentially marching on to who knows another quarterfinal. But I did mention my path for the courts earlier and actually it is to do with kayak and epi. Oh, is it who she's beaten in? So all she's equated with really, isn't it? That's what she's known as for. Exactly. So kaya can epi is by topic for par for the courts for you and our listeners. And it is to do with who she has beaten at grand slams. And the topic for you Kim is this. Now has ten wins over top ten ranked opponents at grand slams. And those have come against 9 WTA players, I would like you to name me as many of those WTA top ten ranked players that kaia kanepi has beaten at a Grand Slam. Oh, blimey. Okay. And I know this is I know this is quite challenging. So I'm going to give you the slam and the year, it happened to give you a bit of a clue. And I'm going to give you, I'm going to give you two lives as well to reach my passport because I do think it's quite a quite a challenging one. So I'll let you know, this is the past score I'm going to set for you. So out of 9, I think over 50%, I'm getting 5 out of 9 with two lives. And the events she has achieved this at are starting a while ago. French French Open 2008, Wimbledon, 2010, U.S. open 2010, French Open, 2012, Wimbledon 2013, Wimbledon 2014, U.S. open 2018, Australian open 2022 and French Open 2022. And French Open 2022. Australian open 2021 Australian open 2022 and French Open 2022. Right, I think this is probably the hardest part for the courts you've given me like ever. I think this is harder than the world. We haven't you two lives. I've given you two lives. Okay, helpful. Right. Oh, this is very, very, very niche Joel. Okay, well let's start with the obvious gobby in your muguruza from this tournament. Correct, yes, that is your first correct answer yet. I'm sure she beats Simona Halep, didn't she? Because that's the whole where's crying up in the drawer thing. That's where it comes from. Correct. Yes, that was the U.S. open 2018 four years after her previous top ten win, but yeah, defeated Simona Halep, so that's two. I have a feeling she beat Caroline wozniacki, possibly Australia one year. Correct. Caroline wozniacki is on the list. It was French Open. Oh, okay. 2012 Kenneth one 6 one 6 7 6 three in the third round. Okay. So yeah, wozniacki is right. That's three. Kim, you said this was difficult. You've got two I gave you two lies and you've got two more to get to get par for the courts. Yeah, but I don't know the others now. Well, you know they're going to be in this top ten players, yeah. I don't think she's beaten us. I'm think she's beating the Williams sisters. And one of these players, she has done it twice. Oh, okay. It's probably maybe like a..

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