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In the great American. We kind of begin over an hour and a half ago, speaking with Jack Windsor, W O M F G He noted that the governor has signed an order through the health department that would allow the quarantining of Children without their parents. Consent in that matter, was taken up by Mike DeWine, he said. Quote No one in Ohio will be forced to quarantine against their will. Wine says Crazy, ridiculous Internet rumors that Ohio plans to force covert 19 positive Ohioans, including Children to quarantine and FEMA agencies are false. The order creates a funding mechanism for organizations that want to create quarantine shelters, not FEMA camps. The spaces are an option, not a requirement. And so the federal government Has given the states the option of setting up these quarantine camps. If that's what the local officials want to do, assuming things get completely out of control, which they're not. Not just the opposite. So even though the black letter says one thing, and the governor says that no one will be forced to quarantine against their will. And exposure to covert 19 is not quite the same as infection with Cove in 19. In other words, if you're if you're with someone who has covert 19, and you don't have any symptoms that either means you're healthy, which is a good thing. Or it means that you're asymptomatic, asymptomatic to me means you're okay. You're good to go. But that's not the way it's being dealt with. We treat this thing as if it's the black plague when in reality it is not No. One in Ohio under the age of 20. Has died. A covert 19 Answer zero, and In fact, the experts say it is quite rare to have AH, young person communicate the virus to anyone else. It doesn't happen. It's very rare. Many more Children die. The regular flu are dry. Diaby stings than have died in covert 19. But six months into this, maybe closer, do eight months into it. We know what we're dealing with. But we act as if we're dealing with something we can't understand. If you watch this morning, I watch everything. We have great therapeutics way of great testing, And we also have good hospital care, including blood plasma, and we have a vaccine, about to be announced sometime in October. You put all that together. It is not time to panic. Now. Secondly, and lastly, before I turn things over to Eddie in the rock It appears likely That for an extended period of time. The group of young adults and Children. Most affected By poor decisions in urban areas will not be given the opportunity to leave and lento live better lives. Let me be more specific way of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which goes from the High River 40 miles north of Dayton that operates a couple 100 educational institutions. I don't know this for a fact that I have to check it out. But I'm somewhat certain knowing Bishop Denis Ner is a man of God. That if he was given the opportunity of filling up Mohr Catholic grade schools and or high schools with kids from urban areas, he would do it in a heartbeat. A lot of Catholic education is under great stress because it is too expensive and there are vacancies and so school's air shutting down and the good old days there were large Catholic schools at ST Saviour's. And Ross Moines, ST John's in Deer Park, ST Gertrude's, the home of the Bulldogs in Madeira, All Saints, the home of the shamrocks. And other communities close by that had overfilled classes. Now ST Saviour's usedto have 1000 Grade school kids doesn't exist. ST John's and Deer Park, the home of Roger Staubach and Barry Larkin, and Byron Larkin doesn't exist. And the other ones are hurting directly. ST. Vincent has about 200 kids instead of 1000. There are literally thousands of openings in Catholic education all over the archdiocese, and I'm sure the case is similar in northern Kentucky. Some schools are oversubscribed, such as Saint Saint ex eyes full like 1500 kids, But I'm told that Elder could use another 1 to 200. I'm told that Mueller High School could use another one, or 200. I'm told that practically every Catholic grade school could use more except all saints and Ken what is full, but a majority have literally thousands of openings. In the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, with good teachers and good buildings with good curricula and good standards that would accept kids from Cincinnati public schools that are completely dysfunctional. Utterly dysfunctional. I don't know what's below an F. If you take out walnut, the 2000 kids at walnut, which are the cream of the crop and just deal with everyone else, Whatever it below isn't an F Is what CPS is below. In F. They can't even open their schools. They can't conduct their kids to the Internet. They can't conduct sports programs. What's all the elder Skoda's district's air doing Because the leadership at CPS are completely incompetent. Have no clue what they're doing. If they knew what they were doing. They wouldn't be in this situation. They're in now, which is economic emergency. If there was a deal struck with the archbishop with CPS, saying, How many kids can you take in the first grade? The second grade and the third grade and the Catholic schools and we will pay. Give that kid a voucher to go to that school. Archbishops ner, I think would accept 12 400 kids to get them out of the circumstances in which they're in failing schools and failing communities with no educational opportunities not connected to the Internet, not in school, not playing sports with efs. With bullets flying around. Take that kid to a Saint Ignatius or to our lady of victory. Take that kid out of that environment and put them with that child can function and grow. Does this make sense to anyone? That's time and says no. Well, it makes sense to me. I want to save those Children. But the teachers union And the political leadership and the Democratic Party will not allow it to happen because it would benefit those Children and maybe make them or independent loving mothers and fathers would love to get their kids out of those dysfunctional schools, Communities. Shots fired. Drug deals. Prostitution, robberies, murders, get him out of that community and show them there's another way of human life. But it will not happen because they're ensnared in a system that guarantees failure, independence upon government and not individual action that would benefit that child. I'll stay with this. And by the way, we welcome to Cincinnati, Donald Trump Jr. And Kimberly Guilfoyle. Welcome. Let's continue with more. Three o'clock You're home of the Reds. Also failing on news radio 700 wlw Cincinnati 700 wlw. 700 w l dice.

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