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What yeah you know it's legal now you can just a minute right now can't you if I'm if I smoke a good gotcha okay well that's good thing then I listen I I said any night anybody want to come in here with a you know urine's tester we test for blood test or or you urine tests are for weed now put up a hundred Bucks against anybody's hundred that I you got no we did me system course they can only challenges me on it they can start up stairs look about that war that's what you say we're going to start there well you know when Steckler night we're working for greater media because Kayla sex was owned by greater media for awhile and then CBS bought it didn't turn out to be so much it was greater disaster but CBS bought it and the first thing they want to do is test drug test everybody and Doug said all that be great you know I don't mind doing that and I guess I go you know my doing this now said where you guys gonna start they gonna started at CBS television city where you start with the radio device I saw that we're just testing radio division okay so you're not testing that the people over at CBS TV you just testing the radio people is the yeah ghost okay let me call my lawyer and see if I can check with the smoking weed he just said yeah you know it's really your urine test one part of the company not the other I want you test the writers on The Tonight Show F. first that tonight show the late late show then I work your way down yeah come on down to guys who are doing late night radio you know I don't think we have much to hide but I do want to be tested what you got because the people right for you know let's make a deal or what's the other one the price is right is right yeah Bob Barker in there that it does eighteen writers that write that show they'll have a right as you think on that show on price is right yeah I have writers I got it writers right you know better than I would I'll bet there is about five writers but are they writing you know they Hey come on down one one one like didn't work like the guy you know you.

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