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Bathroom it was that bad couldn't get out of bed so where where he's come in the last twelve to eighteen months physically it is impressive they're still the open championship coming up this summer we still have the pga championship there's two more majors left to go i would love to see him in contention on a sunday and i'm not the biggest tiger fan i never was but the problem that golf has is that the other star players aren't very polarizing i mean dustin johnson is a stud out there but he's not polarizing speed is an incredible player he's not that polarizing same thing with rory mcilroy there's a couple of bad boys on tour but you know bubba watson hasn't won as much lately so i just think golf needs tiger to be relevant they don't need them necessarily to win another major but they need him in contention on sundays at majors to keep this thing going and that's what's so disappointing is golf has had about a decade to come up with the plan about who will succeed tiger right a we've had so many candidates were rory sergio even forced stretch and now some of these younger guys speed and dust it not you would assume by now there would be another person right there ready to take on deposition that title of the face of golf and we're still talking about tiger and whether or not he can come back whether or not he can win another major golf has a serious problem i think if we're still waiting on tiger at forty something years old to make another comeback another push and really not giving some of these younger guys the credit they deserve how good they play what dustin johnson has done through two rounds of this difficult course is amazing and national conversation it's not because tigers involved so that's how important he is as you said i just wonder if we're fooled ourselves by thinking that maybe there's another one for tiger maybe he wins another major i think we'll look back at this chapter of his career and say we all fooled ourselves he was never gonna win another major he was never gonna figure it out he was never gonna give us those moments that he gave us for about a ten year period or looked.

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