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I did at least and Just describing his play and how he's been really great goal support and point support for his team especially for being a fourth line guy throughout the playoffs thus far and thirteen games played. He has eight points and he's a plus four so he's having a really positive impact and the reason i gave him. The steve's for this week is because i made a good argument for him right. I feel like i feel like he's playing really well for fourth lying guy. Yeah was called. Sorry i just had a brain for good while so. Sorry i'm bso. Mind my knees of the week. I mentioned before his eric sirnak Just because of that. One play yesterday Leading islanders tied up. it was such dumb play yemen. Like remember i'm sorry. Do you remember the play. Oh yeah. I mean yeah it was the yeah. That was a complete blunder. I mean maybe there was obviously miscommunication going on there but yeah no i agree with you. Yeah i mean. He's lucky that they still want to winning the game but that that play was just not a yeah i know i know we i mean at least my picks for in needs the week. Been kinda rough especially considering. There's only one game per night. It's kinda hard. Yeah so anyway that that's my sneeze. Luik yeah my sneeze. The week i kind of introduced it last week while not introduced but I made a first time. I think the both of us did you know when we picked toronto as our sneeze. The first time we picked somebody who is not a player and i kinda stuck with that theme. This week i picked a guy named bill. Gearan had no clue who this guy was until today He's the gm of the minnesota wild. If he i guess it doesn't really count yet because he hasn't officially lost. You know caprice off. But if this guy manages the fumble the bag with krill caprice off He's going to be the biggest Sneeze of the month. I would say of the month of the month. All right May i like i said. Maybe that's not the best knees but not if he loses curl caprice off that minnesota wild team is going to disarray. Yeah fuck that. You can't give that up no one hundred percent and honestly this might be a fake fatemi and you know what. Maybe i'm going to have to dive into like the history of the islanders organization. Apparently this guy used to be the fucking captain of the team really. Yeah i see a picture of him with a c..

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