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Coach Peterson today UPI okay a is barbarian the birds the best boy I guess still get a bird's the cable every twenty four hour traffic center I'm Sam clover exam of the I. with this weather forecast now with Matt Petersen a nice sunny Thursday is a lot of folks head back to work today high temperatures right around forty nine degrees so we continue our stretch of above normal highs then tonight clouds will be on the increase will also watch for rain showers develop through the overnight hours as well forty two for the overnight low cloudy with rain shower possible on Friday a high of fifty two degrees and then by the time we get to Saturday it'll be overcast with rainy conditions and a high of fifty three look for cooler weather by Sunday right now it's mostly clear and thirty degrees were headed to forty nine this afternoon this check on Wall Street is sponsored by crash for free tire mint dot com where you can see crash proof consumers who of outperform the market with no market risk Dow futures up a hundred twenty three nasdaq up sixty two SMP up eighteen more local news when it matters to you depend on KYW news radio right now it's six fifteen it is a tradition for many families watching the mummers indoors at the Pennsylvania convention center in Australia seventeen people have been killed in a state of emergency is in place because of hundreds of wildfires in a forced people to evacuate recapping our top story one of the mummers largest clubs was disqualified after marchers were spotted in black face that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I'm Brendan and I'm Carol mackenzie ten o'clock when at the editor's desk.

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