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Tyler Murray thirteen of seventeen two hundred sixty eight yards and three touchdown passes. Also, forty nine yards on the ground on eight carries. The Sooners have outgained Iowa State three fifty four to one ninety three averaging almost ten and a half yards per play are the crimson and cream a six point two yards per play. Average for Iowa State. Kyle kept their sixth year senior quarterback ruled out with an injury for the clones Zab Nolan sophomore making a second career start ten or fifteen passing one hundred thirty two yards and a touchdown. David Montgomery preseason all big twelve running back. Fifty seven yards on ten carries. Akeem Butler having a very nice afternoon. Had a great touchdown grab a fifty one yard with several spin moves to break free. He has eighty seven yards on three catches on the receiving side for the Sooners Markey's Hollywood Brown. Seven grabs one hundred eighty nine yards and a touchdown CD lamb has touchdown catch as well. Just one turnovers so far that was the Sooners losing a fumble. And that was a key stat for Iowa State in their comeback win over the Sooners last year, a key part of their success in the big twelve as they finished tied for second nationally giving away the football just ten times. And remember they trailed twenty four ten late second quarter before the comeback last year in Norman up next. We'll take a listen to the first half highlights. This is NC double a football.

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