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Ten you can also semir tweets at ethan bearman i'm very very curious to by the way it could be could be what about the supreme court what about i mean is this going to get people to show up although the house of representatives has nothing to do with the supreme court another new poll just came out and said a majority of americans support roe v wade sixty three percent of americans agree with roe v wade thirty one percent doubt fifty eight percent of republicans disagree a majority of every other group by party gender education age and racial group agrees with it so it's basically white republicans at don't everybody else says yep i support ravi wait sixty five percent of women sixty one percent of men sadly that is the case so does that become the big thing by the way represent remember senator susan collins republican main prochoice republicans said that she will not support a can't who is openly against roe v wade not one of them is going to be openly against roe v wade even though they all are against roe v wade on trump's shortlist just saying that is the case she said and i quote a candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v wade we're not be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda then i don't wanna see a judge and that would indicate a failure to respect precedent well we got word last week that at least two justices no longer care about precedent when there's not some compelling reason to overturn it so that's the way president works at the supreme court is if there's an existing previous decision you give deference to it is the rule of law and the only reason you overturn it is if there's compelling new evidence that would change the court's opinion to last week ignore precedent chief justice john roberts and justice thomas clarence thomas who reinterpreted section to the voting rights act for the racial gerrymandering to openly ignored precedent i'm just curious though here's what do you think is going to be the biggest issue to get democrats to retake the house four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten i'm gonna tell you here's the biggest problem that i see the democrats big messages appeal outside of san francisco let's just can we let's just be honest with ourselves for say is san francisco is unique when it comes to can of democratic politics okay so outside of san francisco and apparently a couple of specific different districts in new york and one or two in l a young people are find appealing that democratic socialist message right more the bernie message of free college free healthcare guaranteed federal jobs it sarah so if democrats really really want to win the biggest issue is getting millennials and gen z because that's now i think eighteen to twenty two year olds to show up and vote what is it gonna take to get people to get out and vote it's easy to get people apparently to show up in protest i show protests i'm a protester i like protests protests are there to one get media attention to let people know that tens if not hundreds if not hundreds of thousands if not millions of people feel a certain way about a topic so you're not alone in how you feel and think but none of that matters if you don't show up in november to the voting booth what's it gonna take to get people to show up and vote i mean that you know i got so many friends here got a message one of our callers billy sunshine from capitol you know he was at the sixty eight democrat i was before i was born he was at the sixty democratic convention right the old school democrat they show up and vote every time right they know what matters so what does it gonna take millennials aren't there yet and they didn't according to the data show up very well in our primaries a month ago so how do we get them to show up and vote in november i am so curious to.

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