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Seizing, how did you guys me? I'll we met some fifteen years ago at the same house that you went to the Kings road has that I used to live on at one of my epic parties and ever since family friends and then reconnected again thanksgiving. Did. You guys have like a flirty text e thing for fifteen years we just would see each other around but then as soon as we were in the Hamptons and had our first kiss, then we are just texting back and forth, and then we are just inseparable where we've literally not spent a night apart since then do you guys have clam bakes? The hamptons. The hamptons. Yes. That involves like digging a big hole and sticking a bunch of clams in them I don't do that part, but I'm sure someone. I just eat them. But yeah, we do that. We do lakes Moore's on the beach. It's fun I love the Hamptons. Okay I'M GONNA ask you a couple questions if you don't mind. Sure. Okay. What is a trait you dislike and others? I don't like when people are rude to other people or liars I hate liars have a question on here which is on what occasion do you Li-. That I ask everybody and I was thinking about that question in regards to you and I felt like I don't think Paris really lies. No I'm very open. I'm not a liar. I. Think the only thing I would lie about is to not hurt someone's feelings of somebody asked me something and I knew it would make them sad or make them feel insecure than I would just. Like a little white lie no big deal. But I don't lie about big things. It does feel like your life is so large you. Your Life is already kind of unbelievable. Yeah. All right. What is a trait? You dislike in yourself I hate that I'm shy. I think from what I've went through I get like socially awkward sometimes. So just being shy and feeling that way he that feeling can I ask you? Do you feel shy right now a little bit because I always feel shy. Ninety two. Okay what qualities do you look for in a.

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