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And what about the? What about the job losses? Well the job losses is terrible. It would be Very unfortunate all those jobs lost by the government should try to find a way to get those workers in London and elsewhere to find other jobs in other areas. Not Chops to build in our lab is that will destroy lives of children in Amen. And other people in that or maybe seventy the Arabia's Kinda should have a way to help people not just say well we can't do anything about this arms contract and or even improving it. Just finally the minister. Who is signing off on this Francois? Philippe Champagne is the latest of Ministers who have had this file and it's a hot potato if you could speak to administer champagne directly. What would you say to him? Tell Vegan not very proud with my former student because he's my former student in my classroom. That the you've just stood out but just like Young before him and other ministers just doesn't have the courage to put an end to steal in the courage to tell Justin Trudeau in the members of the government that this should be over in Canada should have done like many other countries have done suspend the export of arms the Saudi Arabia even end the exports to to the country that is the worst country in the world when it comes to human rights. We will leave it there but this is obviously a story. We're going to continue to follow Mr Trump. Thank you my pleasure. Daniel terp is a law professor and former former Bloc Quebecois. Mp. We reached him in Montreal. And you can find more on this story on our web page at CBC DOT CA SLASH AI H. And and Houston. We've had a problem here. Fifty years ago last Saturday. Those words echoed in the NASA Control Room as the third planned moon landing quickly turned into a rescue mission an oxygen tank had exploded aboard Apollo Thirteen and there was a rush to get the spacecraft and its astronauts back to Earth safely. That's where Bin Atkin and his colleagues came in NASA contacted the University of Toronto Aerospace Team for important advice about pressure in the space craft and with only six hours to solve the problem. The team got it right back in two thousand ten Mr Oetken and some of his team members received a pioneer award at the Canadian. Air and Space Museum recognizing the role in the rescue mission. He spoke with Carol at that time. And here is part of that conversation. My personal reaction when I heard those words and learned that there had been a serious explosion. That was Making much of the oxygen supply and the electrical supply unavailable for the rest of the voyage. My thought was well. It's over doors. Poor guys are done for and you didn't think there was any hope that they could get out of that situation. It just didn't occur to me that they could find a solution as cleverly as they did. Do you remember when when you were contacted and your people that you have you know. University of Toronto. Were contacted to get some help for that. Oh I remember that. Very clearly. Carol when you and the other scientists from the University of Toronto when you saw those three American astronauts safe waving for the cameras. How did you feel how would you? How would you feel if you thought that you help them get back? And of course we didn't know until they splashed down the next day that it was going to work or not. Yes we were certainly very happy that it worked. That was then ninety one year old University of Toronto Professor Emeritus Been Oetken speaking with Carol in two thousand ten. Mr Atkin died in two thousand fourteen and Saturday marked fifty years since the Apollo Thirteen mission set off into space own..

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