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Carolina North Carolina into Virginia during the day on Sunday meteorologist, Jim Hayes. This is Fox News. Newsradio nine seventy WFL a seven zero to Saint Pete police say they don't know if they have a murder on their hands yet. They know they have a death to investigate Matra fisherman called report seeing a dead body in the water near the Howard Franklin bridge yesterday afternoon. But the body's condition means the medical examiner. We'll have to figure out who it was in. How the person died? Rhonda Santa's ran as the underdog in the election for Florida governor now that he's won. He's still stresses. How he beat the odds and Democrats across the country working against him. They threw the kitchen sink at Florida this year. This was their number one priority for the entire country, both Senate and governor, but particularly governor to Santa spoke yesterday. Newport Ritchie where he started. What do you call it? His thank you for. He made other stops in the villages in port orange. He has more dates and places to calm dissatisfied. Apparently as one major policy difference from governor Scott Jeanette Nunez to Santa's Lieutenant governor to be told the Orlando. That the Santa's does not want to continue Scots legal appeals that aim to cap the number of medical marijuana licenses Nunez to Santa's wants the people's will implemented. Orlando lawyer Jon Morgan who bankrolled the campaign to legalize pot. As medicine tweeted that the story encouraged him with just two weeks to go Christmas, tree vendors expect brisk sales, Lance mccullers. His family has sold trees at plant high school in south Tampa. For fifty five years says a tree shortage does remain concern. It's been the last couple of years.

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