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But I love pigs when I was a child didn't have a pet most of the kids at school had pets and I felt left out. I had an imaginary pet. Pick name like you know tell people had a pack. I have a cat named pig. I know that's true. That's confused aimed after Miss Piggy I didn't I didn't know that either well. It was like a culmination nation of that and when I brought her home the first time she made a mess of my apartment the turn into a pigsty yeah she she did all the business business on herself. So then I had to try and put it in the shower and that wasn't good and then she just ran around tear everything up this funny aac yeah. This is sound fun. I wish wish I could watch that film that yeah okay. Hey cat ownership is tough. Then you should pitch this equation. He gets an autism. The heart is a producing okay. I love cats student over there. The kids like six minute thing when Ben pissed me his crazy project I said Katzen and Katzenberg. It sounds like a match made in Pluto. Oh the smallest of the planets. Do you think if he was back today he heard that like Neil degrasse Tyson made Pluto not a planet punch that I hope he would make distracts just do you think Sinatra you are off covens Shum to go like full McCartney and like you know guest don like a Kanye travel. You know what I mean like collaborate. Don't you imagine he'd be like the subject of lots of Click Bait. He would just give outrageous. Maybe he'd would be like Shatner on twitter yes yes. That's exactly it tells it like it is. I don't know he's a New Yorker like the guy but he's got brass balls. How old was he when he died? Let's say he says eighty two one thousand nine hundred Yep. I remember that's the sketch yeah I remember most from when Giuliani hosted. SNL strengthens the he hosted the night that he won the election yes and he. There's a sketch that Giuliani has an old Italian mother. I think was Sharyo. Terry Giuliani crossing crazy and it's not in New Jersey and the premise is that like Sinatra's kind of been on his deathbed okay and they're like all terrified. Everyone knew Sonata. We might lose them. I just remember that it's a weird weird not in it. It's just about that. It's Giuliani as the matriarch with his adult daughters. Others say Sinatra not framed pictures. Frank will never die crossing myself yeah yeah I prefer Giuliani's early really funny work yeah right. you know making the Staten Island ferry free very funny. They'd bit great beds so Russell so this is your rather be a pig and Juliana voter. When did you come to this movie? Justin sounds like you were later in terms of getting to most of the Ezaki. No I saw it's funny like you were saying earlier like I actually didn't like a few the Miyazaki movies I saw when I was a kid and I I watch Totoro for the first time like several years ago I love Totoro and so I just assumed that my I take from childhood. Were bad right and it yeah I would say like maybe six or seven years ago. I watched Totoro. I watched Nelson okay. I read the NASCAR mangga which is much larger a lot more sprawling than the movie and I got to Polka row so maybe like two or three years ago. and I wanted to fucking kick myself. I had to see him. I just had this sense of. I don't know there's there's there's sort of this myth of high Almaz ocoee of like what he's like that not that many animators get you look at me as ocoee and he's just like smoking in cigarettes and being extremely dark and sarcastic and interviews any watch PORCO Rosso Pogo is not like that. He doesn't have that weird glib yeah sort of nihilistic edge that Miyazaki has but everything else about Porco like the fact that he's just a guy who's like working on his fucking airplane and he's looking cigarettes. It's like Oh. This is the guy who makes these movies yeah. This is my insight into who he is. He's a pig yeah. I I feel like yes. I do feel like I get a greater sense of him watching this movie him as a as an actual person not what his worldview is the yes him him as a person is in this is the most in this and win writer yard the most plainy movie right troop session right and that thing of just like I can't relate to you if you're not well-versed planes yeah yeah and it's funny 'cause arose around the lake. You know Polka Roseau's adapted did from it. It's like they're Misaki. Manga that are actually larger and feel more Manga even adapted from fifteen page Manga. That's just I think Miyazaki Sake has talked about him like fucking in the nineties I really loved drawing planes and there are three different art books and mango where he's just drying planes and he's getting coming insanely detailed about the big health store Taivon's. Where's the pork arrose stuff is just here's some planes uh-huh okay this? This is the thing I want to read okay so right. He writes a man called the age of the flying boat but the film was originally planned as is a short in-flight film for Japan Airlines. Yes based on the Manga grew into a feature length Ville yeah. That's just wild insane if you look at the money it's it's like you can read it. In five minutes fifteen pages read in five minutes and that's the movie Bork Arosa but it's also like if they were like Delta airlines hired Martin Scorsese Eighty to make their inflate film and he got so caught up with it turned out to be aviator that is vic craziest origin of a film. Everybody wants to do a short film and then it's like Oh. This is a feature happens to I just love it. They're like me. It's really simple. Inflate movie talk about planes. I literally just buckle the seat belts the oxygen bags exit rows and he's like cool cool. It has expanded into a ninety minute inherited talk about war fast yes and the toll it takes on men and turns them into picks when they tried to enter heaven or reject this they were short walk is the book is planes right and he was like I cannot what a poor gross still had a scene where PORCO Rosso gave out safety yeah yeah we're proceeding. Apply your oxygen mask. I yes or before helping others. Yes always freaked me out when I was a kid. Hey Yeah don't like it now doing fine. Actually I know you don. I love it. You love it. Yeah crazy. Don't like cars. Have you ever been in a small single engine plane. I feel like I have I have. I got some five one so let me fly a plane Coo Yeah Oh shit. Let's let's just my favorite. This person's license told me the statue of limitations horrible crime is my friends irresponsible. We'll step that okay when you were a kid. Take the stick kid up his go and down his and I wanted me to the moon and he let me it just do that kind of move gesturing we're like I kind of turned the plane on its side. You did like a half barrel roll. Yeah Fuck Ben. I wanted to go to space camp so bad as a kid hid did get the fuck you talking about like. What are you buying food not space cam? Meanwhile you're doing barrels like fucking star. Fox is great. I hate the music you should make a star Fox movie. This movie is almost Fox movie as a big man especially in the last twenty minutes and this move very very you know get back here so let me get back here do a barrel. I should mention though having to jacked rushing that was that was unfortunate for you. Yeah Oh boy. I don't think I've told this story on the podcast before I went to space camp. Wow No you fucking I went I went. I went to Florida. I Okay I had this brochure. You went to the place where I had the brochure for this now but here's the story. It's a traumatic experience for me. One of the centerpiece attractions is that the driver scope which everyone watches from the side hiding goes like that's what I think. I'm going to be able to handle that whereas I'm like Oh. I know I won't be attending. Keep the deposit everyone last three sec back right then the final thing is when you get to do the simulation of the cockpit and they give you a binder that has a script and everyone has a role and my role was exercise expert which was such a fucking bummer kind of a disastrous role for you. It was like you're on the exercise bike and you have to keep epilogue of how it you're fucking hate. How long does the simulation take like an hour okay? You're like in like a capsule and it's like Oh. You're the pilot year the engineer you're the exercise expert and one person gets to do like the space walk like one person gets to go out in the arm and like in that role all is shown much cooler than everything else. You're not floating right. You're unlike robot a robot arm. It's it's pretty Jim Bulls Bulls analog but someone's like maneuvering you around. You're on a rig or whatever from my memory exercise scientists is the worst I fuck position. I hate it but I was already at this point like completely traumatized because the other big thing is here's our zero gravity like sort of simulation in the way they do it is it's essentially like a wall of rock climbing wall okay with like police except the wall is just kind of like a grid it looks like the set for rent or something right. It's like a metal grid of bars and chat and on the the pulley the other side of the police on the other side of the grid and on that side is your weight in iron impounds right so they way you before you get on it and then you get on this thing and because there's an equal weight when you jump up it feels like you're sort of zero gravity and you can clamp the wall and whatever that's simulation of like this is what it feels like to be able to whatever I was a like a dangerously underweight kit right so they just took like somewhat sack lunch input on the other side well. It was a thing where my dad was like. If you get to one hundred pounds I'll buy you a Tamagotchi sure and I wanted at that time gushing. I finally got it was a very old statement. Yes you got it but it was in two thousand fifteen. Yeah I got it from my thirtieth. My parents finally got me Gottschee. You've hit Ondo Right but I was like sixty pounds and they were like you gotta eat more. They're like funneling ice cream cream into my mouth like everyone's afraid I was going to die and they were just gain weight gain weight gain weight and I got on the scale at space camp and I was like like I got him one hundred and five pounds and I was like this is. I can't wait to call my tell them. Tom Gosh you ready for me. I'm coming home and I'm cracking got Eddie right yeah and of course I had not miraculously gained thirty pounds just while at space cam there's ice cream their skill was is broken and so they plugged me in and they let go and I shot up to the ceiling and you're in like a big like hanger and they couldn't get me down for two hours. Ahead Matt is based not exaggerate. This sounds so strong sleep over for like you had to stay there for and I left my almost all at home and it was a nightmare. I didn't know he had no mode Hanauma. Doll your big ullmark. I was big al Kid but the other part of it was that I would sleep on the elmo every night like as a pillow. Oh okay pillow ELMO head to look. What about pillows though do you ever hear about those? There is in a nose but I was so used to that shape that when I got old enough that was embarrassed about the height hi my pillow case. It's pretty cute griff. You're weird reported on them before but you are weird good but my main take it from space. Camp is two hours where they were like with a megaphone like the only way you're getting down is by yourself we don't have there's no way for us to get up there and to reach each you in there so much weight working against you. They were like you have to reverse climb down the grid..

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