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Tool not only mesa so that i can track my spending but i can see what i'm spending my money on i feel more conscious of what i'm spending and i feel like i have the reins more than i did before if you want to take her first steps to financial wellness use the red key key bank member fdic we're ready to go you're the third quarter nice little ceremony at halftime honoring the 2000s kenyon martin marcus camby had allen iverson all on hand here to them for sitting court side baker theories are technically overbought site kenya wants to watch more basketball here and sodas allen iverson so they're sitting court side here watching the nuggets trying to get a win there on top of this first year sixty three to sixty one and can't be all three of rugged launch secondhalf inside the arc is the kola yokich and'soft over to all murray murray stops the 3point line tries to cross over to jontay can't over the yokich head fake than drives on this all gets down the lane and got fouled and the colder yokich will go live redrawn as long as as them second found longest sold yokich goes the free throw line well what a game for the kohler yokich in milwaukee too bad that happened right before the allstar game because not enough people talked about it he joined magic johnson and james harden as the only players in nba history to boast to game with thirty or more points fifty or more rebounds and seventeen or more assists first player in nba history to get a triple double in the first half as he doing tonight fifteen points four rebounds and forces missed the first free throw am the second one in the rebound comes down to kyle anderson he gets the outlet pass over to murray topped the key to console left side back the anderson anderson off to the cutter that's lamarcus aldridge doubled team in the first half not ear turnaround hook shot as up it is an were tied up at sixty three points apiece jamal murray.

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