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Remember that yeah rich crackers like four dollars a box apples three cents a ton right to really need right right. I feel i mean. I got bless those guys and gals but still army of microbrewers. I just feel real heroes. I'm not saying slam heroin. During the time you would have been micro brewing. I'm saying donate your time at the local red cross shelter or spend a little more time tossing the ball around your kid or do push something anything other than this. Do you think. It's just clearly a hipster move. No i think it's it's it it. It's it's been going on for a while. It's the guy who wants to show up by the way that when the guy hands the bottle where the beer sweating through in the papers peeling off. Because it's scotch taped on the fucking thing and there's a skull and crossbones that the guy did with a sharpie and his name extending. I'm not wanting but you have to take a hit off because he's handing it to you. It's kind of a look what i did. Yeah sure it's like please. Pin this on your magnetized right now that we're having my beer. Let's watch me have sex. Yeah i inwardly focused. This there are other people if you would like to go to a party and impress lose twenty pounds before you go to the party. Get a job that pays quite a bit more than than the last time we saw. You be working on a documentary. That's very interesting. Not making your own shitty beer. That's not as good as sierra nevada. That's in my right hand. All right steve. What's going on thirty seven. Nothing's going on what's going on with you guys talking to you about it all right so my question for you adam and i wanted to know since you can do comedy and you're great at acting and if you can do comedy while we haven't established i was great at acting. Well i've established it and all your fans have god love you all right okay. So have you ever thought about doing or been approached for doing roles in drama. Maybe not like leading character. But like you know no one's ever no one's ever approach me to do anything exactly approach. I've had homeless approach asks for money. Yeah that's that's what i get approach to do. People want money. I had people approach me and ask me to move out of the way. Yes but never no. I don't no one's ever asked me to write a movie act and their movie. I mean i ever but not really dramatic. I- that'd be fine with it. I'd probably like the right it. i'd like it. I think. I think if you can do comedy you can do the drama. There's no doubt in my mind that You know. Vince vaughn could do great dramatic work because how how much harder it is to do what he's doing you know because the because comedy drama. We've all lived. I mean everybody has anyone has ever put dog down and travel to the vat and done that thing. Where could i have a few minutes alone with rusty and then you just sat. There has done drama. Yeah i mean tears pouring out you know. I mean you get an award for what if that. We're filming that and that was. That dog was perfectly healthy. You'd get some nice notices on that. So it's like we've all done that. We've all done the scared shitless. Whatever when you just almost got into a car accident. Somebody's swerved in front like oh shit and we've all done these super angry got no big blowout with the wife or girlfriend vice versa or whatever it is so it's like in life you have kind of done that spectrum but comedy you may not have done no i was. I acted in a drama. Last year i was in a tv show called mob city That was a cop show with john. Birth all from walking dead and I thought this is going to be easy. Because i you know. It's i don't have to do anything. But it's actually. It's not apples and oranges. it's apples and submarines it's compl- because with comedy. I know what the end result that i'm driving at is and i know how to ring a laugh out of this. There's a laugh to be rung and withdraw my. It's literally it's like you it. It's in a way it's like surfing or skiing where you have to really let go of everything you're trying to accomplish which is not an easy thing for ryan to do yourself and let something happen on. Its own right. And and especially with these real dramatic actors like the the first table read. We did you know john. Brentall has jumped talking like. And i'm like well if the mob is going to be in the oilfield we're going to have to go and later at night. Problem is radio. I'm like i don't know what i'm doing. I should have been. And i was like a big drag queen. Does it feel. Does it feel unsatisfying. There's no specific pay off like you said you can ring a laugh out of it. You know what the reaction's going to be. You don't know what the reaction's going to be dramatically do becau- but you get it very differently. It's like when you're writing something and you don't know where you're going and then then it solves itself because you're writing and it. It's it's like oh we had. We had something there that will you really do. Get to the point where it becomes real. And and and that's. It's really not interesting to talk about. But it's actually funded..

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