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A global news update Authorities say the teenager who killed 19 children and two adults was inside a Texas elementary school for as long as an hour or law enforcement officers went into the building Mark Mayfield reports Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven macross it on Wednesday that once the gunman got into the school in the small town if you have all the Texas he went into a classroom locked the door and started shooting The father of a fourth grade girl who was killed said he raced to the school when he heard about the shooting and saw the police masked outside He said more could have been done and that officers were unprepared I'm Mark Mayfield President Biden and the First Lady will travel to Yuval di in the coming days An author who once wrote an essay called how to murder your husband is facing time for doing just that Nancy crampton brophy was convicted yesterday of shooting her husband four years ago in Oregon with a ghost gun kitschy bought online sentencing is next month Wall Street futures are rising after all three averages made solid gains Wednesday on Michael castner The news that completes your market day This is the big headline it's catching investors attention And the stories that make your business week Wasn't inflation dead just a few years ago Bloomberg businessweek Weekdays at 2 p.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio The housing market has been chronically undersupplied It is a key challenge It's a challenge that there used to be a housing platform around But that platform was dismantled during the Great Recession And it hasn't been completely restored Lights out at Davos Neela Richardson Chief economist at ADP was fired up about the American economy That was a valuable.

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