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It's New York. There's enough to go around enough potsy to go around. So I mean, you're going to have some both. Those guys are in public enough, and that's why thinks everybody's spilling is going to have bad year about a year. Well, they're gonna bracket. They're gonna bracket Odell on the outside with a safety in a corner, and they're going to stack the box against saquon. So looks like Evan Ingraham and showing shepherd are your only two options left? So how can you tell me they're going to ban? He's gonna have a bad year. I think Ingram obviously is going to be fine. Tight end tight ends are kind of. Like you know, proof recession proof almost as eventual figure it out there and he'll be open him because he's a pretty lucid little tight end as well. Then surly shepherd if he's gonna rely doesn't have any anybody, even Odell would love him to feed me. Sorry. No, so annoying. Sometimes feed me, got a v got a feat Odell in the beginning of the game, why get open? You'll be fed, get open. I stopped to me. It's up to you get open. So all takes get open authority will find you. I mean, not every unless somebody else open. I mean, it's funny I wanted to wait didn't, Tom, Tom Brady go on NFL networks, Instagram account, and look a scroll down a little bit. And they're Tom Brady had a message for Randy moss coming off of the induction ceremony last weekend in canton, in in Tom's all given all this praise and how creative receiver was team he was. And then he goes and says, you know what? I would always have great stories of of of Randy and one of them was whenever would wouldn't talk the ball. I would look at him. I would always look at him whenever I didn't tell them the ball and Randy ran ran a lot of deep route. So he always asked if he was open and if he got him and he'd always give me the little, he put his hands about as a foot, the whole longside go long like the logo thing as hands. But. Away from each other. I got him. I had I had space in Tom's like, I'm sorry, didn't throw the ball enough who played more touchdowns I mean, more than they already did the reckon breaking performance those to put up. But it's funny because. Every time. Yeah, that's how I get frustrated as they get open and then they'll get the ball and but Manning's two time SuperBowl MVP winning quarterback. I think if he sees open, he'll give him the ball disease shepherd opened. He'll give him the ball saquon open. If he sees Evan Ingram open. If they're all open, then you plan to go Stephen, you're playing the worst link. I know I'm telling you defense is gonna keep the key on certain things that have to. They have to certain things. So people kind of go by the way, says why. I think that. A guy like Calvin Ridley down in down the land could have a good little work year because he's not gonna get keyed on his broand free basically out there and Matt Ryan, very good quarterback at spreading around the ball. There's how many allegiances to anybody. Is going to be able to find him. I mean, look what Ben Roethlisberger did last year. It's use Mr.. Obviously, AB AB got his such to because he's Antonio Brown, but he was double covered a lot, and Julia was able to run run wild. So there's there's definitely ways for that's work in New York as as worked in in Pittsburgh, and then also other places where we seen basically the top receiver becomes almost like a decoy. I mean, he gets his touches too, but he gets a decoy. There's actually a couple of different teams these days that this will come in the season to have a very interesting. Obviously, number one, top receiver, they have a really good little like secondary young receiver. So in Pittsburgh, they have doodoo in Houston, they have will fuller along with John Jay Hopkins. Trying to think of the kid they have alongside Cameron Meredith. Actually, the saints have camera married now, and I like him actually like what he's gonna do with basically nobody playing quarterback for the bears. Now he's gonna do breeze and Michael Thomas nearside of him. So I think he's, he's going to be. I've talked about him as a sleeper..

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