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Please check them out if you're in the market for a mattress or if your mattress is getting old we really appreciate it. Okay okay moving on the Ilan. Omar Story has just exploded folks again what I find outlandish outlandish. I'm I don't WanNa say unbelievable because it is believable. Given how awful the mainstream media is joe is how you can continue to scrutinize the background of Donald Trump while finding no evidence of illegal behavior at all and yet the evidence that Ilhan Omar may have married her brother. This is a Democrat Democrat congresswoman with a heavy following the evidence is now overwhelming and the media is entirely completely uninterested interested in this story and you know you're onto something something when the conservative when the excuse me when the conspiracy theory blogs the daily beast media matters the whackos right when they start picking up on the story Joe as I've said before and they start warning conservatives don't go near this story you conservatives and we just give them the double barrel Middle Finger because I don't the deal with blogs with like ten or twelve years humiliating them. They're really worried about this Ilhan Omar story what happened daily caller piece again in the show notes today great articles in the show she will be much more informed when you're done daily caller piece. Check this out totally worth your time. There's a tweet that is Han Omar deleted Ilhan Omar. It was an older tweed. Why did she delete the street? Let's check out the tweet I this is. This is the tweet so this was back in two thousand thirteen sixteen two thousand thirteen. This is verified account. She said Happy Fathers Day to my boo. I'm sorry but I don't the new site I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father and it goes on links to an instagram so just to be clear. We're and tell you how this relates to her. Belatedly marrying her brother which is really deeply disturbing obviously Omar deleted that tweet and has been trying to hide the identity of her father for a long time now to give both both sides if there are side but again I'll do it. The New York Times won't do for Conservatives her staff put out a statement today saying well you know saieed means something like happy light and it's just something something we said and whatever and she still trying to hide the fact that there's a relationship obviously with this guy in the war site now. Why does this matter okay because Omar is alleged to have married? Her brother Ahmed no war saieed elme in two thousand nine she denies of of course this is her brother while sees married to a med. No War Saieed by the way she's in a relationship with another guy. I think his name is Hersi. It's Hershey who she has a child with Ilhan Omar then formerly divorces what's allegedly her brother are bad no or Sii divorces him and says. I've never seen him again. She divorces him at twenty twelve. So you track in two thousand nine marries. The alleged should brother mad no war site so the son of newer saieed who she wishes happy father's Day. She divorced him in two thousand twelve since I don't know where he is. I've never seen him and of course is the fact that this could be your brother leaves that out of the whole divorce thing. She send married to another Guy Hersi who she has a child man well. Here's a fascinating photo of the guy C claims to not know and not be the brother anymore who left her remember. She married his question. She married this guy questions. When's the last time she seen him? She Says Twenty twelve and I've never seen him again and he's not my brother. So you get you get her. Take on this take his he's not my brother Ahmed Nawar say and I haven't seen him since two thousand twelve. Well hats it powerline blog. Here's a fascinating pictures zoolander daily caller story today to you can check this out of the brother. I'm Ed now me. Amid nowhere. Say You tell me well. I'm GONNA leave this kind of family friendly but for those watching on Youtube you could see a picture of the same guy she sayings on her brother who she hasn't seen again in two thousand twelve holding a baby this is her for her former husband and he says quote nieces fresh out of the female anatomy. Leave it at that that picture was taken a day after Ilan Omar gave birth okay so ill had Omar gives birth to a child yeah. The guy saying is not her brother but was an ex husband. She's never seen before. She has seen after two thousand twelve then appears in a photo on Instagram in a twenty twelve photo saying that his niece was just bored after Ilhan Omar gave birth. This is the guy she's married to. The verdict is in folks determine playoff going. I forget who said play. All the playoffs can't don't play. It gets worse Joe so remember she saying okay. This guy wasn't my brother and I haven't seen him since two thousand twelve well. Here's another photo hello from the daily caller piece which is there's multiple hat tips and also I think it's David Steinberg his photo but you can see them all. I don't WanNa make sure to give proper attribution. Here's a photo Oh taken well after twenty twelve real hot Omar and the brother the exact same guy remember. She's telling the court after she divorced this guy hi alleged to be the brother that she's never seen him again but this is a picture well after twenty twelve of her with the brother saying fun fun night with the ATM crew Hashtag London trip making matters even worse. Here's here's another photo of Ilhan Omar sister's marriage certificate now. This is going to be tough to read but I'll just wrap this story up with this one again. This is in the daily caller piece piece in the marriage certificate. Ilhan Omar sister lists the father. The father is listed and this may be a David Steinberg photo too so I had to there. I want to make sure I give attribution. This sister lists. The father has no ore saieed. The Same Guy Ilhan Omar in her now deleted needed tweet is wishing happy father's day to in the beginning same guy who is the father to the brother brother who she allegedly buried folks again. I know the media doesn't care about these stories. I know evidence Vince doesn't matter anymore but what's fascinating is you ran for two years a hoax a collusion hoax easily discredited by a first grader with with with with with two or three functioning neurons and you have overwhelming evidence of an enormous scandal amongst a member of the US Congress and a potential marriage fraud and you ignore this story completely. This is the breaking news weather because a lot of stuff in the path the breaking news and the daily caller piece was that Omar's now deleted that tweet about the twenty thousand. Why would you delete that? Why what are you trying to high but of course the mainstream media will cover for it because that's just what they do? It's really pathetic attic alright. I've been teased it all week and I'm sorry I didn't get the vaping story but there was just a lot going on the cavenaugh. Stuff was was just all over the place so I had to cover that. I owed with you but I for a few days now. I've been working on the the way to best sum up. What's going on with this vaping story? The story is this just to be clear. There is not a vaping ban okay the president gave a press avail in the White House in there he mentioned that him and his FDA we're looking into a new regulatory structure for flavored vaping products under the allegation that target kids. I WanNa be clear on where I stand because because I owe that to you you spend time with me. I owe you my honest opinion. I I support the president. You know that I do not on this. I think this this is a bad move. I think it's a mistake having said that I understand respect and read your emails. Many of you don't like like that. That's okay. That's why my emails out there. Okay some of you email me this. Is I have kids. They're targeting this the kids I don't like hit. The government needs to get involved. I get it I am not disrespecting your. That's the great part about the United States of America and my show I listened. Listen to your emails. Most hosts dump right Joe. You're in radio. Most don't even read them. I'm simply suggesting to you that my opinion my opinion. You don't have embrace it is I'm a parent and that's my job to war on. Drugs was a failure prohibition was a failure. This stuff is all all been an abysmal failure. It is a cultural problem and I believe we as parents. That's our job now. Some of you may say it is but we need some help by the government find. That's not my opinion. I don't think the government should be getting involved in the vaping industry outside of preventing a public threat in other words. Let's say these vaping things were contaminated with cyanide. That's different right but if people WANNA make bad decisions then those people should be free to make really bad decisions and those bad decisions. Those people should suffer the consequences of those decisions big boy rules. I call it now. vaping doe does have a legitimate purpose. There are people who are addicted to traditional all cigarettes and most of the studies have shown that vaping contrast is traditional smoke smoking is safer. I'm not suggesting you it's healthy. I'm just suggested suggested you on a continuum of bad choices. Smoking cigarettes is the worst when it comes to tobacco one of the worst having said that in order to give you a factual analysis of what's going on with the vaping industry because a lot of us. This is new a lot of folks. I don't vape. I've never smoked. I I know people who do I wanted to find the best article that sums it up and my friend lives shelled. WHO's really wonderful? She has this piece up at it. What is it American Spectator Paul American Congr- American greatness forgive me? It's again in the show notes today police. I can't say please check them out. Eleven things you need to know about vaping shells September sixteen twenty twenty nine hundred American greatness worth your time now. I'm not going to go through screen shots of each kind of running at a time but I'm just going to address a couple of the things that I I think people are generally unaware of about vaping number. One vaping is a process not a product that she indicates it is a vaping is a product AH process it is not it doesn't refer to one specific product. It's like smoking in contrast to cigarettes. Smoking is a process access. You can smoke a lot of things. Some people figured out not neces- cigarettes are a different thing. VAPING is a process not a PRI-. It's important to point out second. It uses apparently what they're called carts or pods. These cartridges or pods can be flavored again. I don't vape so I'm not pretending to be an expert. Shelled apparently knows more about it than I do but I'm just bringing up the highlights for some of the parents out there unsure of what this is. Some of these cartridges can be flavored they come in various degrees potency nicotine of some of the devices that use the pods can actually keep this stuff now so that's Kinda primer on what we're talking about. We're talking about a process in vaping vaping and the product are these different things are these devices and the carts or the pods they use them now. What are the things that the problems with the vaping industry that Donald Trump pointed out? I'm not suggesting remember about a process again. Not a specific products problems. one of the problems we've had joe is some people are mixing sing this stuff with THC cannabis and one of the active ingredients in marijuana race products that have an and making an oil out of it now again. This is me from the peace reading the piece. Liz goes into detail. What's the problem with that folks? The problem is some of that that oral if it coats some of the structures in your lungs you can get a pneumonia effect out of it and some people have died but but ladies and gentlemen a lot of the products US matter of fact Liz quotes a piece the Journal of American the journal American Medical Association they they did a study of fifty three three patients that were suffering from problems after vaping and the eighty percent of them show those patients had mixed some kind of thc product in there in other words they were not they were abusing the process by abusing the product which is not necessarily mean. It's the vaping industries fault people can cut open cigarettes sliced filters off too. I mean that's not the way the product was designed to work and I think we need to keep that in mind. One one last point on this vaping been around ladies and gentlemen which was this was new to me again in this piece it's been around since two thousand and three these recent health scares are relatively new which should say to us all that something recently happened here where THC the mix of it counterfeit products again i. I'm not suggesting this is a great decision. Start Vapor any of that stop. I'm simply suggesting to you that we live in a society where big boy rules should matter..

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