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Man who allegedly designated yesterday as kill cops day in a Facebook post and threatened to high ranking Louisiana police officer now facing as you would imagine multiple charges. Authorities say that Harlan Ciprian was arrested yesterday on felony charges of terrorizing simple criminal damage to property and resisting arrest in addition to social media threats that he made he's accused of using a pick ax to bust up a window in a front door at St. Tammany parish Justice center on New Year's. Seve police had assigned additional security to the high ranking officer who was threatened. But now this guy Ciprian is jailed for awhile for terrorizing damage to property and also for resisting arrest with four. So this Louisiana man arrested for an has been designated day of kill cops day mentioned that he puts that up on Facebook. Brilliant, put something like that up on Facebook. And he doesn't think that there's going to be retaliation. Wow. Sixteen minutes after seven o'clock now NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM. The government shutdown heads into today. Number thirteen today. The balance of power, though, does shift in the house of representatives. Will it have any impact at all that ending? This thing is FOX's Sean land jail nothing for the wall. That's a message Nancy Pelosi is giving as she prepares to once again become speaker of the house Pelosi making those remarks in an interview with NBC, President Trump says he remains willing to work with Democrats to secure the nation's borders, but his digging in on his demand for a barrier between the US Mexico. However, Rhode Island democratic congressman David Cecil Leany tells Fox News at night, he made up a fight in order to govern down frankly to distract from the many other problems. The administration has Democrats will take over control of the house today at noon in Washington, Shawn liangelo, Fox News seventeen after seven o'clock a new year, but an old story as the thirties used tear gas to stop some migrants at the southern border. Joining us now with the details. On that Tonya j powers new year same old tune though pretty much, and it's the second time in like a couple of months. They've actually used the tear gas there at the border. This happened. Just in the early hours of the New Year's matter of fact, about one hundred and fifty migrants had gathered at this section of the border there Tijuana, there's a fence let them read wire, and that kind of thing, and they were attempting to get in some of them trying to get under it, others handing toddler size children as they put it over the fence apparently some of them had decided to rock the customs and border protection agents who were there, and that is what precipitated the tear gas. And apparently there were like three volleys of tear gas were fired at the migrants in retaliation. I guess for the rocks rolling. And it ended up getting not only the rock-throwers but women children and journalists was actually witnessed by an AP photographer. Not good border patrol agents. Insist though Tanya J cars that the tear gas was only lobbed towards the individuals that were, you know, hurling rocks and bricks, of course, you know, it's a crowded. Situation. So just target those people, right? Exactly. I mean, it it. It doesn't it doesn't. It doesn't stay where you were. You were you I guess and like I said it's credit situation. You've got. It's dark. It's people. Are you know? Apparently one woman had temporarily lost her kids in the smoke and everything and it was sort of from what we understand terrible situation. Tiny Carson, Fox News. Thanks so much nineteen after seven o'clock banks may soon be reducing the points cash back and other perks that she can get through credit card reward programs, and they've been increasingly losing money on them after ramping up the office in recent years in competition against each other. Now all the deals have led to a growing number of people who game the program signing up.

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