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Very quickly through prohibition but he's not the only supplier in town the north side gang led by Bugs Moran had been bitter rivals with Capone's just as Luciana warned capone's wild killing soon came to the attention of one of the most important people in America so when RAB is the author of five Families Capone's I beg fake blunder was his rivalry with bugs Moran he thought he had to eliminate the bugs Moran Gang so he could be if you want to call it the boss of bosses no competition in Chicago and he engineered he most probably engineered he's given credit I don't think he ever denied it he's given credit for the Saint Valentine's Day massacre in which so outrageous the idea that police car pull up in front of this warehouse which bugs Moran was used because his headquarters and the idea was to get book Miran and he's police officers came in and uniform fake police officers lined up these six victims and then signaled for the real gunman with Tommy guns to come in and mow down these poor victims now that was to of Regis that was his first big London he didn't understand the roaring twenties was ending and moreover there was a new president Herbert Hoover and his first thing was he was confronted by lines from coast to coast about massacre and about these outrageous activities in Chicago the local Chicago and Cicero Police Force had been bribed into compliance with capone even into tentative allies ship but this was not on a national scale and the massacre had garnered capone national attention so yeah yes capone control new control Chicago police department a lot of the politicians but he didn't control Washington or the federal agencies and who've is simply unleashed everything that he could including the IRS orders and Treasury Department investigates go out and get capone and they did the newly elected bird hoover couldn't let one of the United States is largest cities be run by gangsters he launched a special task force with one key mission capone well the president is outraged and decides than something has to be done now to make Chicago safe again added this leads to the strengthening of the FBI and the FBI was a different breed of animal because they weren't corrupted the FBI agents who were sent to Chicago to get capone weren't probable they were paid by the federal government and they had a different allegiance different loyal eighty they weren't locals and this man had been difference some of the gangsters tried to get the heat off they told the press capone's outfit was ending in the meantime it was decided capone would have to lay low Thomas Repetto is the author of American Mafia and inside Al has to disappear now there are a couple of ways to disappear Torio was there that story oh by then was working in the east L. you've gotta disappear now there's one way and you know what that is and that'll be the way or find a way to get yourself arrested there was safety in the one place no one would expect a notorious gangster to want to go ver massacre in the fleet and city and the mob said you gotta get out of public site so he went to Philadelphia and Gobs of arrested for carrying a gun so he went down to Philadelphia detective was happening to be destroyed asked when L. arrived detective had been a guest at Capone's in Florida a few weeks earlier but he just happened to be strolling by yourself carrying a gun I'm the boss never carries a gun we're waiting at the station to get him you plead guilty immediately you know boss do that you'd have a lawyer ah never convict the Guy Prison was the one place capone thought his rivals and the feds wouldn't touch him and far from the usual dink jail cell capone's position and money meant he was still living his comfortable highlife his stay in the Philadelphia Penitentiary was like a stay in a hotel or a rescuer of people waited on him hand and foot there everybody was corrupted and he had a very easy time there it was relaxing we pleaded guilty got a year in jail Philadelphia Chicago but it did not the federal government came after back in Chicago the FBI created a task force of special agents handpicked for being incorrupt bowl and fearless they were so clean cut ineffective they were quickly dubbed the untouchables the group was led by thirty-three-year-old Elliott yes and it's soon clear that capone couldn't buy them off that said that he put together a team of law enforcement agencies they call the untouchables and they were out to get capone but they weren't GonNa get him with via leads back in Philadelphia Sell it had been ten months since capone put himself in prison but now big AL was ready to head back to Chicago but when he returned he the government had dragged his reputations through the mud Al Capone was now public enemy number one when he went back Kogyo things weren't the same anymore he had to fight for his place in the sun and he was beginning to lose control of the phenomena that he had other gangs were moving in very quickly and so is the federal government and there was a sense that the lawlessness the check lawlessness of the prohibition era was beginning y down the obvious move for capone would've been to lie low once again but he couldn't resist the publicity so capone decided to organize his own charm offensive Lawrence Bergreen again Capelle decided to improve his public image by opening a soup kitchen check this was a symptom of the failing economy and you know the the boom nineteen twenties were ending the depression was starting many of the working man were his people were out of work so he wanted to play again the Robin Hood figure and so he wanted to feed them and not only that he wanted newsreel cabin has to come and see him feeding the working people taking care of them doing for them what the government wouldn't do so in he was placing himself above the government is a kind of unofficial protector of the ordinary working man of Chicago too many of whom he pinpointed to was an important employer people not just as gangsters but people who were involved some aspect of bootlegging maybe they stored the car is that the bootlegging maybe they were involved in the production of it they they had some something to do with it and if capone putting employ them they were I work capone to say that the real crooks weren't hustlers like him but stock market speculators but of course his intentions were always just to make himself look good capone was a narcissist to the Anthony had a distorted impression of reality so he saw himself as the center of almost anything that was going on and he felt that he was a force for good in the world or at least not harm and so he excused himself a all his crimes capone never really felt a sense of remorse for any of the criminal behavior associated with him he just felt he was doing what people wanted and becoming popular as a result capone said he was the good guy but the US government could beg to differ and during the heyday of the roaring twenties capone the character of road but a character suddenly instead of money flowing around everybody being wealthy this seemed to be no end to America's good agents the thirties the dirty thirty started now the dirty thirties was depression a lot of people out of work there were bred light soup kitchen agent and capone didn't look so interesting anymore who cared about his hundred dollar pair of Monte Grande socks while the way he dressed on that he now so he started trying to get his own public relations by opening a soup kitchen giving out turkeys at Christmas but it wouldn't play anymore and now he was going to be a victim because the first time instead of trying to pin the murder on him he made the fatal mistake of his lavish living working diligently behind the scenes federal agents had been building a strong case for tax evasion they were going to show that he didn't pay his taxes oh that was tough to do because capone didn't file tax returns and they didn't know how much money he earned obviously he earned a fantastic amount of but we're don't records so how did they prove how much she earned and therefore how much in the way of taxes he should have pain how did he afford this where was his income income tax more was relatively do in the US at that time a lot of people didn't pay taxes neither Al Capone and he started wondering and he got bad legal advice United States had recently made a ruling stating that illegally earned income was still subject to federal income ax and Amazingly Capone's lawyers agreed stating the amount he was willing to pay back taxes on the admittance was enough for the FBI to bring it to court they really had him they found one of his one of his accountants who who became a cooperative witness and some very smart auditor found one of his books that was another thing one of his other mistakes he liked the records of what both coming to him to make sure he wasn't being cheated so finally they had a good time they didn't get him for his gunplay any of his murders trainees racketeering they got him on income tax excavation something he had never anticipated audible.

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Bugs Moran, Capone, Luciana discussed on Mafia

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