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News us secretary of state mike pompeo's and tokyo to brief japanese and south korean officials on his two days of meetings with north korea secretary spoke with reporters in which he said that they made progress on all of the central issues over the past couple of days then north korea's foreign ministry released a statement saying that the us had come to north korea with robber like proposals on relieving north korea of its nuclear weapons and noting that the discussions were regrettable though the statement does add that kim jong un received a letter from president trump on this visit and that he has confidence that the trust that they built during the singapore summit will deepen as talks progress richardson in tokyo speculation is building as president trump prepares to announce his nominee to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy is right now are on the supreme court and that announcement which we expect to get from president trump monday night we know that yesterday evening at the president's golf club in bedminster he and vice president pence sat down and had dinner according to deputy press secretary raj shah talked about a number of things including the upcoming announcement of a supreme court nominee the white house is reportedly working right now on what's called rollout packages for four different candidates cavenaugh ring and kathleen jamie coney barrett and thomas hardiman sources say that the person he spoke with the longest was catholic ellison barber the western us trying to cope with excessive heat heat advisory still infect stretching from los angeles back across california into portions of southern nevada are high temperatures in that region today anywhere from one hundred ten to twelve getting over closer to one hundred degrees in l a that lingers for those folks on sunday now there is a little bit of a break here we've seen some showers popping up and if you're in that area it certainly feels good meteorologist adam cloths fox news.

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