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And so we tend to think oh, wow. They had this cozy cozy relationship, and I guess that might feeling from reading these books that is probably mostly true between beat writers in players. But in another sense columnists at the time were to savage, they wouldn't end they didn't like they were just they weren't like citing facts or anything they were just relentlessly negative toward even the biggest stars in the world. And I mean, Willie Mays had columnists who like local columnists who would just rip him to shreds over nothing. And that's all that's my whole. Well, I will point out. I hope Arlanda subpoenas not listening because he's apparently pretty digits, but Jim Devon. Did have a higher war in nineteen sixty two. Pated that so. Dark this rating system. He may have known more than everyone else did allow. Yeah. Let's see. I shouldn't say the sun a podcast that Orlando Cepeda might here. But hopefully, he'll he'll sue Sean foreman. Instead of me SABENA finished ahead of Davenport in the voting that year Davenport should have sued all the the writers who had a boat now wealth, evidently it all ended. Well, I don't know whether they made up or not they didn't get along at the time. But it looks like when Alvin dark died Cepeda said he was a great baseball, man. So there's that had a happy ish ending. I wonder what the the non baseball implications of that would have been if that had been upheld. Then would it have expanded to other public figures would not be able to criticize anyone I think what like in in England. Right. You can't. That's how it works. Yeah. I don't I don't know Orlando Cepeda could've taken down free speech singlehandedly. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I'm gonna write about that. Okay. Sometime. All right. So we will take a quick break. And then we will roll Russell Carlton in here. This is a fake break, by the way. Ben, and I are going to state stay with each other. Elapsed time, Brussels. So there will be a break while we wait for Russell. That's okay..

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