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See it again. Once again. All never mind. That has to be where the flag is. It was A. Roughing the passer or unsportsmanlike conduct. So I guess Baker gets another shot here. Or actually. No, they shouldn't. This means that they get a You know the personal file. Back, them up and Baker, I mean I Baker Baker looks upset on the sideline but backing him up just means that are boy. Joe Borough is not an avid good time coming Outta the locker room. And? are coming off the sideline I should say. All right. Real quick before we end the podcast in a minute I talk about the money, the money train that I been I've been on a losing streak Marg, is bad him some bad money better here man I'm still holding on to dear life as we speak. For, two beds bet the under. On passing yards, for Baker, Mayfield NGO borough Jonesboro needs a solid forty yards in this quarter passing, which is very doable. Know The bengals are impassable right now and Baker Mayfield needs basically forty himself. So forty forty for both in then I have one other bet tagged in. Tyler boy to get less than for receptions for the game he as or less than five. I should say he has four right now if he gets five, my bet is fried so. There's a lot riding here for so many different reasons not a fan not enjoying this game right now to be completely honest with you. I much rather seen the nick job and Joe Mixing Show. But right now it is the. Nick job and the sack show. For our boy Joe. It's not good. It just makes you think there's a lot of things do have to reconsider when you see games like this like how good are the chargers? Really Right. Lay I guess they're just not very great either. and. Donna's charges defense for the most part is pretty decent but Joe Borough is getting taxed out here and I mean from pressures not just acts with his they're getting a lot of pressures and unfortunately. Joe Mixing can do all he wants to, but it's not going to slow Florida's pressure down because they know the end of the day once they get them in the passing downs is basically you against Joe Joe can make a big play because Jones used his legs in both games so far. and it's just not been been serviceable but right now they're heading the ball to. Too, you boy Joe Mixing Nino Joe and Joe Connection. Earlier in the game in the first half. Joe Mixing was catching a lot of passes. He had like three passes for. Something like. Twenty five yards or something like that. He was actually getting it in. And that's surprising to me because that's not something that you expect to hear from. You Know Joe Mixing, and that's not really what you're used to. So if Joe Mixing in gets involved in the passing game. That's a whole new. Area of like free real estate right there. That's the good times for the Joe Mixing owners because that just means that he's going to be even more lethal than he already was. and He's already pretty lethal right now. So that just means that he's GonNa take a larger share of the touches and he's GonNa be worth the money that he was paid and I think a lot of these back just got the money are going to be worth the money because of just the usage in basketball with uses rate as Joe Borough throw the. PRETTY HIGH PASS BUT MR sample gets the ball. High usage rate and football is. A good thing for most of basketball, it can be kinda tough because you live and die by that player. No matter the usage rate they're always going to have the same uses rate but if they're not on, you're kind of Sol and everybody else's. Trying to figure some things out. But another side I know I don't think Joe. Borough. In Aj Green have figured it out just yet for themselves as teammates and that's going to have to take some time. I think not having preseason was really rough it's going to be rough on Joe. On all these guys were new places in the the rookies trying to get together. But I think we all see. What. Made Him Special Lsu and that's just he's a leader and I think people galvanize behind joe? and. What he needs to make something happen he finds a way to make something happen. But right now for the job borough and the agent Green Connection is pretty rough right now. But I think will refine itself I think you'll be there. and honestly. Some things are now always on Joe Lake for one is often the line will never be on Joe. there's a few job balls across the board. For some like Tyler Boyd eight degrees just had a bad drop, he should've had it. There's this like this bengals team is just not the best. But I think they can improve you know Miami improvement season last year. As a Tyler Boyd I believe he just fried my bet so. He has got another catch. Life Always, show you. Bad money is never a good thing to do all time. But. This is going to be a GMC fantasy football podcast just finished his out. You know you can't win them all, but thank you all for listening. See you all next time. Don't forget subscribe like share the podcast, leave a comment, and I'll see you all next Tuesday I. Believe you know for next fantasy. So for the GMC. Signing out.

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