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As I grow old I think less for the truth from without me more the truth from within me. Why have I thought this? Start on my return to my mother. My rebirth from mother ended the Sun. You do not. Yeah no I do not know. Save without whispering man's voice or printed word without prompting from other where this thought has risen from within me Puna deep. Sa- me that are deep is not a god. I do not make things. He's therefore I'm not made this not no. It's father's mother. It is old time before me. Therefore his true man does not make true man if he be not blind hone recognized the truth when he sees in there's much more Dreams than we know Reims go deep all the way down. Yeah Mamie to before the beginning right. Now let's you. We've talked about different things that Jacqueline Jack London hit on during his career. We talked about his northland. Code is idea of adaptability of true comradeship of imagination. We've talked about his themes of agrarian writing in working with nature. We talked with this idea of love. Love that runs is throughout his stories. What do you think after when you taught seminars on Jack London? What did you hope your students would walk away with some big ideas that would change their life and they would maybe think differently because they read these Jack London stories? I'd say maybe a sense of adventure and other words moving out and seeking or what have you not and by the way it's not just physically but electorally seeking that there's so much out there and debris in join if we'll just look for it and open our minds minds to it and that there's a a world of possibility in terms of relationships that we are maybe overlooking because of the various problems we've got socially now a week ago into what's going on in our currently restrictive society or what avenue but the sense of openness and simply enjoy live while we can. There's so much there which Jaguar we're still seeking at the very end. There's so much live has to offer if we just opened our eyes to it and yet experienced I think a sense of excitement sense of shroud of Abra love of our fellow human man's and maybe not just human beings but also the animals because Jag absolutely love the animals as well as people you know specially ores isn't dogs those things I think they may have found Also a general the sense of excitement that they may have been missed in their daily lives or whatever. And how is Jack. London changed your life. I mean you've been a decade. Well I think he's done a lot for man man germs of relationships. It's amazing that they Places I've been and people I've met in the number of people out there who are absolutely taken with Jack London for one reason or another most of what we've been discussing today that that there's a sense of openness there to attend to London that you may not find another authors. There's so many different possibilities the days for eleven. If you just open yourself up fantastic earl. This has been a fantastic conversation. Thanks so much for having us here down in Shreveport Art. It's been my pleasure. Thank you so much. Mike was earl labor. He's a preeminent Jacqueline scholar also the author of the landmark Jack London biography Jack London American Life Earl also wrote the forward to the re release from penguin classics of Whitefish. Call The wild other short.

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