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I think it because not julian stole. You've boise to the ones of have tried to the best of chefs senate. So you go there you go. That's why the nigerian dav had support. No one day. Say yeah say okay. Jell fries whilst more traditional dishes or stick to western so foods well for me mostly above some african on british But may i just stick to my often the beef. Yeah and. I'm badgering man. That's the only time very often could notify mccollum. Run have some parliament members that just work twenty four seven were clue. Just just everyone around the daewoo into can be foolish. And yeah you know. That's what it's all about mary. Month sange war. As everybody else said food oversee we in was being jamaican and guyanese. So you obviously there's the or i don't eat red meat so no pork beef. Norrland orlando for myself. i'm. I'm just now missing christmas with a crack. How can you be trying to tell backing swine. Ccc the puck is still there and pat cap. Good to know you is there. S and p's the coleslaw. Mac and cheese rose chicken as mom cooks the alarm and the pork is obviously my mom. My siblings eat it. Yes what was he christmas being. I've got massive family myself under off. Kgo eight siblings. Pretty time is mad for you. Then kinda matter now got two nephews as well so the family graham very family orientated. So i see my mom's side of the family on christmas day. And then i have a second christmas on like the box. In the order. Twenty-seventh my dad's side of the family. Because my grandma still alive to this day fight. Gordon razor invest in ninety. So that's out of the family link-up hers because he's a little bit difficult now because of corona traditionally. That's what we do. So i see both sets of the family. The ones that are in this country anyway said food family music. Alcohol notice nobody. Nobody truly to still barrington levy on sanchez. Kicking him boy mobile missile for me. Christmas is all about say common together as a family in love all of that. Yeah sweet sweet. Listen for me. Oh it's going to be has to be the president's hands down. Sorry is a seasonless. Look good though i am. I am actually. I literally listening attentively. To what a person ones so also questioned by. I won't happen addition never when popular coffee. I get you the bucks at exactly so the presence. I will say food second knowing that oversee. My dad's is europa. My mom is having both to different. Nigeria yeah yeah the both nigerian two different tribes so alabama caliber so with my mom side. Soups are amazing. So that's the time we get to basically have lots of soups and vegetables. So it's very is no soup. Coconut rice fee to be swimming cheeky hanging. But we've we've. The soup is really healthy. Spinach of green very likely literally taylor day clean out so it's good to eat more food so it's quite so yeah definitely it will definitely be the alcohol for me as well tells down trysts. Oh okay so is. There isn't any don't say it looks like is a girl still guessing. What do i do a in oklahoma experience experience listener. Rich chocolates always awake and then pullover rameez well. Romeo food thirty eight with me as well. I love to serono as well. It's sweet as well cumbria. Cranberry cranberry with apple juice. So that's just run and spy taking notes just a quick digression juice orange juice so we about bits. Bits bit conversations to be ten cents. Bits on that. I'm smith cow but anyway go molina yeah. Christmas is yeah just family. My sister will come with the kids. She's got six of them. Yes say that for the whole day. S with all the presents and the money and the puck right now from the kids. That don't belong to me. Can we give them back after doors commoner because see it she's like i don't know i love to eat and like i said the pork belly. Okay he tuning hurry Also cheese and the immune hunger about but Yeah and the drinking So you're kirby as well so you have a double any of like non caribbean non who've like western dishes attacking africa caused the frosting at christmas time. Ever try anything new now say. My dad is a stickler. He thing every year timeline. I spend christmas girlfriends families time time and she made me a roast go from from the uk and other games ktichen sunday race roasting yorkshire putin's and stopping in them things the starting oppressed. You know to be open minded and say so. Let's say without with anymore in turn was similar to you guys Been club a big paul. My so christmas memories. Would i say. I've been much of christmas person over the years. You know what i mean like. I've had a lot of like weird ups and downs of my family. So i've never really had a stable source of like christmas experience so we spend if a mom and whatnot of my dad and then his beim over time and what not by myself.

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