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A high profile figure in the college. Admissions scandal is free on a million dollars bond, and is being allowed to work outside the US at least for now the arraignment of actress Lori Laughlin took about ten minutes as she stood with crossed arms and a white long sleeved sweater wearing dark framed glasses responding to magistrate Steve Kim's questions with a series. Of yeses her attorneys were able to settle with prosecutors and the court on terms of release a million dollar appearance. Bonds scared by the home that she and her husband co-defended, Muslim newly own the court agreed that Lachlan could keep her passport to be allowed to travel the British Columbia where she's working on several contract films in a TV series set to begin July into November. She must surrender her passport before year's end next court appearance for Lachlan, we'll be at the Boston federal court or she'll join nearly fifty fellow-defendants at a case hearing on March twenty ninth at the Royal ball federal building, Pete Demetrio KNX ten seventy NewsRadio as Lachlan traveled from Vancouver to LA to surrender to the federal authorities. Her Donna reportedly spent the night song, the yachts of the chairman of US's board of trustees. According to TMZ, Olivia Jade is friends with the daughter of Rick Caruso Caruso, billionaire who has major real estate holdings, including the grove in LA says if she's now on a hotel in the Bahamas following the news about her parents this scandal is shining a new light on the corruption of college athletics. But for some who follow it closely this. Really is uncharted territory for people like Michael sokoll off author of the last temptation of Rick Pitino a story of corruption scandal in the big business of college basketball, this scandal takes things to a whole new level. You don't have to say that I've written about college sports for many years now and I'm not easily shocked. I found this shocking sokoll off sites. This example, apparently want someone games admissions at big university onto the water polo team. Nobody ever turns around and says, hey, Suzy actually playing water polo. You know, that's also a little bit of a surprise to me about how lax the oversight of this was among those arrested in this major scandal at least four people at UCF, Lennox Chris, Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio.

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