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Southeastern we we want that and it'll stay we have that so there you go that's just sort of update on on the schools now the court systems interesting too and I think basically you in St Tammany parish Orleans parish in Jefferson parish if you know all that any trial civil or are in St Tammany parish we are closed other than that Ramli lawyer you have any kind of protective orders or any kind of emergency sole custody were open but like in CDC they just cancel jury trials and I think our contested matters but but St Tammany seems to have a more complete more comprehensive comprehensive like other than emergencies protective orders and I think we're closed until the twelfth and Jefferson parish also the courts jury trials in criminal trials are canceled except if you have a criminal trial under a motion for speedy trial which means the the defendant had filed a motion to have a quick trial because probably incarcerated right now and you have a constitutional right to a speedy trial aw if you have other matters they pretty much say check with the judge in the CV is going to happen or not they might try to resolve some of these over the phone remotely other things it's a it's a case by case basis aluminum SS and the first name Cammy perish if we we have hearing officer converses and a family law division those will go on via telephone but I understand if anybody files any kind of motion to continue those will be granted those will not be denied so that's kind of what we're looking at in the family law and the federal arena in St Tammany parish so this Thursday so you know just I think and we were look and I wouldn't say that St Charles parish or St John parish or any of those at their core systems are doing anything other than the there's been an order I think it was put out the general general order by the Supreme Court like if you've been to China have you been to any of those places you can't come in the court house in if you've said don't come in the courthouse stuff like that further so now it's it's we just play for about three weeks and then we go from there right let's go to phone lines Davis got a question regarding taxes and IRS Hey David you on all things legal Texans are Machel dumber sincerity he no longer wanted conflicts are yellow and gray good first off the IRS one of extend taxes like you get a much axe guy and we had already yeah a lot of clients and he's saying that I can't get the all right now yes R. if if it I don't know I don't know if it officially happened but I will say with ninety nine point nine nine percent certainty is going to happen there was indications that they were discussing that if there's any CPA's who're listening you could call in but they had news reports indicating that they were going to extend it aw president trump is done other actions such as suspending interest on student loans so all right in there there's gonna be other things are going to be done but the IRS will probably extended deadlines the other side of the house you have a refund coming to you you may probably gonna be wait a little longer for that also so arm yes I I would say it's it's it's going to happen and but you know much is this is not on president because when we had hurricane Katrina other hurricanes disasters flood baton Rouge did the income tax times returns were extended so of probably the federal government in its infinite compassion will do the same thing yeah I was thinking about that same thing about Katrina not that they were not it if anybody prepared for this type of stuff better than anybody else I don't mean that but they went down down the way it does but we've got so many disasters down here we know how to cope with them still work maybe in Louisiana were very resilient and we have got great people and you know I I think one of the things the next three four weeks and I'm I'm hearing off the law is you know that there's a lot of good things that can come out of these horrible situations and it's it's it's good to watch Washington working together you know you you saw you know trump and Nancy Pelosi on the same page who would have thought that would happen you know two years right Bob I think that I just I mean two weeks two weeks ago now and I think also to the you know the people doing things extraordinary like there's certain you know places where there is resolved a lot of elderly people who probably do not want to get out and about to much you know young people buying groceries taking care I think you're gonna see a big who have to go to work and have the kids at home they don't have volunteer babysitters so there's a lot of people who are very civic civic monic you know just not Louisiana but all of the nation I think we're going to see a lot of that in the next couple weeks and so just pulling together and I think yes Sir what one final question I'll hang up and let and listening to radio much I'll get back to it but as legal scholars as legal counsel DLC anything down the road legal coming out of this problem I think what I think one of questions was for businesses whether your insurance policy would have business interruption if you are a business head and a slowdown revenue or impaired revenues in our initial readings of the policies is probably not unless there's a specific provision that relates to this type of business loss because in Katrina we had business interruption coverage for businesses because there was physical damage from in a vat to your business premises and as a result of that physical damage you were not able to operate your business an insurance policy provided for our business interruption our coverage so a lot of businesses were able to recoup some of their losses through their insurance policy through the business interruption coverage of the policy now hello there recently that has more insurance companies that have included terrorism our coverage so if you lost you had a loss of business for terrorism or arm or you had an damage to your promises to terrorism then you would have coverage but again I you know this is not going to be classified as that even though some people suspect that you know where this originated from may have not come from that place from a our internet you know for prospective international perspective but thanks for the call is going to break ducks and service held ever since Jerry all things legal.

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